P&P: Behind the Scenes – Caroline Detects Danger of Elizabeth — 18 Comments

  1. How funny! Poor deluded Caroline. Darcy would never use such words or make himself vulnerable to someone. Her machinations in the evening to put Elizabeth in a bad light back fired with Carolinr undermining herself. Thank you for such a fun post.

  2. “…you noble creature…” seriously deluded Caro. It just shows how much she doesn’t know Darcy if she thinks her well placed words will sway him.

  3. An imagination? Miss Bingley? Never!!

    And she thinks that Mr. Darcy is “currently suffering delusions”!

    Poor woman. If she were not so awful, I *might* feel sorry for her.

    Excellent vignette, Shannon! It’s nice to start my morning with a little humor. Thank you!

    Susanne 🙂

  4. These blogs are great but I would love to see them worked into a full length pf a novel. I definately would love to read these versions in a full what if novel.

  5. I’m glad you’re enjoying our little additions to Pride and Prejudice, Sandy! The plan is that all the episodes will be compiled into one volume in the end, not as a “what if” variation novel, but as a supplement to the original, much like the now out-of-print P&P: Scenes JA Never Wrote, proceeds going to a JA charity as before. Keep it under your hat for now, though, as I don’t think it’s been officially announced. 😉

    • I hope that a volume is published! I love curling up in bed with a delicious book and these snippets would more than fit the bill! Would they be arranged in order according to P&P? I hope so.
      I love each one of the mini-stories and it makes my day when I log onto this site and discover a new one! Thank you all for your wonderful work!

  6. Shannon, I have the “Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote” and a delightful book it is. I agree with Sandy, it would be wonderful to have another compilation of vignettes to add to the original.

    Poor Caroline. I wish I could feel sorry for her, but I don’t. JA included a few unlikable characters in P&P and Caroline Bingley is one of them. Afterall what is a story without its heroine and its villain? Your scene, I believe, is the first to put Caroline’s thoughts about Elizabeth/Darcy into words….. wonderfully written. Thank you!

  7. Well, I never thought of Caroline as stupid – just delusional, but is this characteristic part of her personality or has her family fed into her self-centered/egotistical behavior? She does plan her brother’s ball successfully. But she, like Darcy, has all the pride money and the class structure can bring. Country misses have no standing and the Bennets sisters are without dowries and no connections to any peer. And then there are Mrs. Bennet and the two youngest and Mr. Bennet who adds nothing. Is it any wonder that Caro can only envision success in pointing out certain lacks to Darcy?

    • Her snobbery is particularly ridiculous because of her own background. She’s not from a noble family and old money like Darcy. The Bingley fortune was made recently in trade, which means the Bennet daughters would outrank her in everything but money.

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