P&P: Behind the Scenes – Bingley rides to London — 11 Comments

  1. What a lovely excerpt to start my morning and how little did they know at the time how everyone lives would change – for the better!! Thank you

  2. I am so glad Darcy supported Charles; finally. I could just HEAR Caroline saying, ‘ “What can you be talking about, Charles?”’, in her snide, whining voice. Thank you for this missing chapter.

    • Yes, I went back and read it again wondering when did he enter the house? The butler didn’t announce that he also was in the drawing room.

  3. Remember Stephanie that Charles is his best friend, ergo, the sisters as well. He is stil the stiff man and is familiar with the Bingley’s and Hurst’s and so feels comfortable in the family setting. He see’s nothing wrong with them YET, Just wait until he meets Elizabeth.

  4. Boy, I’m glad Darcy finally supported his friend. Sometimes he is irksome, and I want to rip him from the pages of Literature and smack him to knock some sense into his thick skull! There are every few variations out that paint Caroline Bingley as anything but a witch (not exactly the word I’d like to use), but it will have to do. I have yet to figure out why Darcy doesn’t speak up about Caroline. He seems to be able to insult everyone else, he should start with her. He knows what she is and what she wants so why be polite. I know, he is Charles’ friend, but he is capable of maintaining friendship with Charles without his sisters. Thanks for the missing chapter.

  5. Phew. Thank goodness Darcy decided to support Charles or the story might never have happened!!! No Darcy and Elizabeth 😞 and no JAFF! Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  6. Bingley’s enthusiasm is great! Darcy and Caroline were already prejudiced against the locals before ever setting eyes on them. So glad Darcy supported his friend finally!

  7. Charles really shows some fortitude by insisting in the face of his sisters’ lack of support and even his good friend’s disinterest! Good for him for prevailing this time — now I think I would see how this kind of behavior would really weigh on someone as cheerful and amiable as Charles. If his interactions with Caroline and Darcy, who are supposed to be close to him, are always so negative, no wonder he gets persuaded to leave later in the fall! Thanks for the scene!

  8. This was a good portrait of how Darcy supports Bingley against his two sisters. Caroline has no thoughts for anyone but herself and the man she supposes is hers already…Darcy.

    Thanks for the excerpt.

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