P&P Behind the Scenes: Bingley Hears Darcy’s Confession — 42 Comments

  1. That is just as I would imagine this scene. I love this humble Darcy. (Well to be honest I would love him anyway!) Thanks for this Susan. 😊

  2. I can hear the voices of Colin Firth and Crispin Bonham-Carter so clearly when I read this Susan. And I’ve read it through three times just to make sure.

    Wish this is how the scene had been played in 1995!

  3. I do like the idea that Bingley recognizes he was part of the problem. It gives hope that indeed his and Jane’s happiness will come before Caroline’s!

  4. Thank you. I especially appreciate Bingley’s internal thoughts. His new found determination to lead his own life without interference was good to see. His personality was also true to the originally written character. Despite his justified anger. He was unwilling to throw away friendship.

  5. Amazing scene! Just as I wanted it to play out. Very believable. I loved seeing a little bit more into Bingley’s mind and thoughts. He suddenly “grew up”.

  6. I can see Bingley with his hands fisted. A little red faced. Pacing the room.

    Thank you… Your Bingley comes alive in his anger !

    Great job !

  7. Nicely done! But Darcy did hedge a bit by not admitting that he did receive “some” information from another source, namely Elizabeth at Rosings. As much as I understand why his confession came months later, it still doesn’t rest easy with me. He should have had this conversation, worded a bit differently, with Bingley upon his return from Rosings, and if Bingley was not in London at the time, then as soon as they were again in company together.

  8. Your description of this scene brings it so alive in my mind! This became such a turning point in Bingley’s life and the start of Darcy’s towards redemption. Thank you!

  9. An insightful scene highlighting the changing relationship between Bingley and Darcy, two men who will soon become brothers as well as friends. A delightful read!!

    Thank you, Susan!! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  10. I like this. I do believe that this led to a change in their relationship–one for the better, I might add. It’s a good thing Bingley forgave Darcy, or things might not have progressed with our dear couple!

  11. Perfectly written and oh, how we all wish that Bingley would have been “his own man” from the beginning but a lesson learned late is better than never learned especially if he is to marry and become head of an estate and family! Thanks for this scene.

  12. Aww, sweet Bingley. 🙂 I think it’d be kind of funny if he did punch Darcy in the face but I know that’s not really his style. And he should’ve relied on his own heart anyway. Lesson learned! 🙂

    • There’s a story online where Bingley actually does punch Darcy. I read it a very long time ago, and remember him being horrified at himself.

  13. I enjoy your writings… when you INVENT scenes, letters or characters but why REWRITING Jane Austen? Nobody will never do better.

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