Persuasion 200: Who shall stand up with Anne? — 16 Comments

  1. Loved it, Elizabeth getting her comeuppance from Lady Russell and Frederick. What a tag teaming duo! I imagine they would not ever dream that up on their own! Both wanting to make Anne happy and be her protection.

    Great idea about Mrs. Smith for a bridesmaid. She will enjoy the gown and happiness of her friend.

  2. Elizabeth is so odious, and you captured her perfectly, Maria. And Frederick, what can I say-what a man! Wonderfully written, as ever!

  3. Oh what a wonderful scene for Elizabeth. I could just picture her face and the flounce when she left the room. The offer to have Frederick pay for her gown was perfect. Great writing (of course).

  4. Absolutely **loved** this!! It’s nice that Frederick and Lady Russell are trying to get along, and yay!! No Elizabeth to stand up with her sister!! Elizabeth is such a toady, anyway. 😉

    Thank you for this wonderful chapter!! It’s so lovely to gain a glimpse of Anne and Frederick as an engaged couple. 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  5. Lovely missing chapter. Of course Elizabeth would be more concerned with looks than comfort and judge Anne, no matter what. She certainly doesn’t want Anne to be happy. She doesn’t want to lose her doormat (sorry, couldn’t help it). And then, to try to manipulate events so they would have to wait until she married. Who’d want to marry Elizabeth. It was so nice to see Lady Russell supporting Wentworth’s and Anne’s union. To have Mrs. Smith stand up with her would be perfect. I love it! Thank you for such a perfect piece. I felt so good by the end of it!

  6. “I am glad you are persuaded.” Frederick lifted an eyebrow toward her. = Touché! Loved the irony of that. But they are attempting to meet in the middle as they both love Anne. So glad Elizabeth talked herself out of standing up with Anne. Her presence will not be missed. To read of her even pretending to know about household economy is similar to hearing Lydia talking about modesty in manners.

    Lovely, perfect episode. Thank you.

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