Persuasion 200: Wentworth Applies to Sir Walter — 28 Comments

  1. How wonderful! But, it shows the lack of courtesy Sir Walter has for someone ‘so beneath him’ by not granting Wentworth a private audience. I would so love to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversation between Miss Elliot and Sir Walter. Anne coming to his defense was so sweet. A formidable couple to be sure. Thank you for such a sweet post this morning, Leslie.

    • In my opinion, Sir Walter is so self-absorbed. I mean that entire speech about 30 frights at the concert showed his lack of respect for almost everyone but himself. I’m so glad you liked the post! Thanks, Deborah!

    • Probably Sir Walter studying his nails and checking his reflection in his pocket watch or some such nonsense! Anne and Captain Wentworth would probably not notice due to their own happiness. Thanks, Aya!

  2. I really enjoyed this, Leslie-I loved how Sir Walter’s vanity was displayed, as strong as ever, and that Frederick was given permission on the grounds that the line would continue to be handsome!

    • I actually got the idea about his looks from canon! “On the contrary, when he saw more of Captain Wentworth, saw him repeatedly by daylight, and eyed him well, he was very much struck by his personal claims, and felt that his superiority of appearance might be not unfairly balanced against her superiority of rank;”

      It would be just the silly nonsense Sir Walter would deem important if one doesn’t have rank. Wentworth had looks and money, so he was at least a tolerable match. Thanks, Jane!

  3. What of Mr. Elliot indeed, as if he stood a chance against Wentworth in Anne’s heart. LOL It must chafe Elizabeth something terrible that not only has Mr. Elliot not paid her any attention, but that Anne has gotten two proposals from the same man while she just sits by. Sir Walter is so very blindly self-absorbed. Next he’ll be recommending Gowland’s lotion so Frederick can maintain his youth and deserve to be related. I think this is one of those spots where, as Anne at 28, I would have been tempted to pack up my things and just go away with him and the Elliot pride be damned…LOL I’m such a lady…nice work!!

    • Yikes! No Gowlands! I looked that up once and it contained not only mercury but also lead. That won’t keep anyone looking young for long! They sure did use some nasty stuff on their skin, didn’t they? Thanks, Stephanie!

  4. As she is of age, I suspect Anne would have made it clear she would marry her dear captain no matter what her father had to say.

  5. Leslie, this is wonderful — you made the Captain the happiest of men without a single insult from the baronet — not so easy to do! But someone needs to spank Miss Elliot. I have had just about enough of her.

    I suspect it is not in your control any longer, but please let the wedding take place soon. Just as soon as ODC weds in AUT. Well, I suppose that is impractical given that Anne is the daughter of a baronet, and there must be pomp for a baronet’s daughter, but I hope she doesn’t have to wait long.


  6. Oh, how I would like for Anne to say in response to “What about Mr. Elliot!” “Oh, I could never consent to a relationship with a man who has been carrying on with someone so far beneath us… Mrs. Clay, you know.” 😉

  7. Sigh. Sir Walter will always be Sir Walter, won’t he? And Elizabeth will always be Elizabeth. Sigh….

    But I appplaud Anne for standing up in support of her beloved, something she never would have dared to do previously.

    Susanne 🙂

    • I figured she needed to stand up to him at some point. She had to learn from the past 8 years and the time watching her love with Louisa. Otherwise, what would be the point of their separation? Thanks, Susanne!

  8. Ahh – how sweet to read that Anne had stood up for Wentworth, AND that he would have understood if she could not! Compromise and understanding from both partners – wonderful! I loved that they were ready to marry despite the family’s objections if need be, and that Sir Walter at least could recognize that Captain Wentworth had not become “all swarthy”, hahahaha. Loved it!

  9. It’s so nice to see Anne assert herself to her father and sister…what horrible people…Frederick’s family will give her the love and respect she deserves and she will bloom…

  10. Leslie, Thank you so much for a great chapter! Really enjoyed the Captain and Anne persevering over her father.

    One other thing, and please pardon me if I overstep, but I noticed a word in the 6th paragraph down “censor”‘ which It seems your meaning may be more like “censure”.

    Thanks again!

    • Crud! I probably did! Thanks for the second set of eyes. Sometimes those things slip by because spell check doesn’t catch them. I’m so unaccustomed to writing Persuasion I was more caught up in the content! Thanks, Evelyn!

  11. Sail away, sail away. I can’t imagine that Anne and Frederick would be much in company with her horrid father and sister, Anne. I would think that they would keep ties with Mary due to the love of her nephews and the Musgroves, who always respected her, even if they kept her at the piano.

    I am looking for a change in attitude for Lady Russell (I hope) before these scenes are finished. And maybe some last regrets and humbling of Elizabeth and her father when they realize that they have been basically abandoned by his heir AGAIN and by that horrid Mrs. Clay…and Anne is not there to be a sounding board for it all.

    Thank you for this lovely chapter. Loved how Capt. Wentworth saw Anne as even more beautiful…and all his upon entering the residence.

    • He loves her. She’ll always be beautiful in his eyes, and Jane Austen does allude to the fact that her looks improved once they were together. I feel like heartbreak and despair likely took their toll. She doesn’t feel those emotions anymore. Thanks, Sheila!

  12. (blows razzberries at Miss Elliot – as if Mr Elliot would ever ask HER to marry him!)

    I’m glad Anne’s father didn’t refuse the Captain. Would be interesting to see what he’d do if Miss Elliot ever had a suitor.

    Do we get to see the wedding now? <3 <3

    • Miss Elliot is a spinster in the making! Unless someone needs her dowry, why would they want to be married to that prune! Thanks, junewilliams!

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