Persuasion 200: Wentworth and Anne Talk about the Future — 27 Comments

  1. I want to tell them to elope, run off, before it all goes horribly wrong!

    Bless Anne, she is so sweet and loving, but you can see from this depiction how easily the confident Wentworth can convince her everything will be fine and therefore how easily she might be persuaded to let him go for his own benefit. 🙁

    Lovely segment again, Kara!

  2. The scene is so exquisitely lovely and sweet. You have a gift for writing beautiful and endearing stories, Kara. I have nothing further to add for I loved it.

  3. Absolutely lovely. I do agree with Cassandra that Anne is easily swayed by Wentworth therefore it wouldn’t be too difficult for Lady Russel to convince her. She seems uncertain of herself, probably from all the browbeating and maybe hearing she isn’t as pretty as her sister. Kara, thank you so much for such a beautiful piece. A lot of work was put into the pieces presented over these 2 days. all that had work is very much appreciated.

    • Again, many thanks! Wentworth is confident (and a little arrogant?) and Anne is trusting and easily persuaded. Recipe for disaster.

  4. That was so lovely, absolutely gorgeous. I want to tell Frederick not to let Anne anywhere near Lady Russell ever again! She needs to believe in him more than Lady Russell. It is so sad that she is so easily swayed by the opinion of others. Amanda Root did a very good job of displaying Anne’s insecurity and inability to trust her own opinions, in that old production of Persuasion. At first I didn’t like it, but I realized she was right. Anne’s timidity and reliance on what others said would bring her years of unhappiness. I have to agree that years of being devalued by her own family led to that. She is very lucky that she will be given a second chance at happiness, because I’m not sure she was mature enough, or wise enough the first time around. If she had accepted him, would she have been able to value what they had, or would she have begun to doubt him once he went out to sea again? Her own family would not have been buzzing in her ears, but Lady Russell would have been. We later see just how poor her advice is when she urges Anine to accept her cousin’s proposal. This chapter was a beautiful lull before the storm. You ladies do such an amazing job maintaining the integrity of the story while updating it into something new and refreshing. These are a joy to read.

  5. Very good points, Mari! And with the 8 years between now and then, they both will have matured a little. I love the Amanda Root production! 🙂

  6. I agree with Cassandra – run away and elope before something bad happens as we know it does. This is another situation in which Austen points out to us that just because someone is born into an aristocratic family it doesn’t make them “better.” Frederick, his sister, Admiral Croft – they’re such more honest and honorable people than Anne’s snobbish family.

    • I’m not sure if there is anything we can do to promote an elopement – maybe we just need to tie Lady Russell up and hide her somewhere! Thanks, Monica!

  7. What a lovely romantic scene, if only their youthful romantic hopes had prevailed. Afraid my heart will break when we get to the break up. I know they get their happily ever after, just hate to see them suffer.

    • Thanks, Stephanie! They were young and in love, and (right now) think they can ‘sail’ through anything that comes there way. We know that will change, though!

  8. So nice and of course sad since we know the break-up is coming soon. I agree they were both pretty naive, but I think when you just get engaged, you are probably prone to foolish optimism! I wonder what it would have been like for them, had Anne really been there to support Frederick in his career. Who knows, maybe he wouldn’t have been quite as aggressive in his career if he had a wife waiting for him? I also wonder how she would have enjoyed getting to know Frederick’s sister, and had family relationships quite a bit different from what she endured with her own family.

    • Or, Kathy, he might had been far more aggressive. Nothing spurs a real man on than needing to provide for his family. He might have turned into a “man in a hurry,” and that can be a BAD thing. Carelessness, recklessness, you name it.

      You want to see how aggressive FW can be? Wait until June 2 (huge plug).

      • Thanks for the warning, Jack, and straightening out our misapprehensions! Yes, Kathy, young, in love, and foolish!

  9. I vote for the elopement plan! But Frederick’s words in the garden were music to hear. Oh, how it pains me to know how they will suffer and how pride keeps him from re-applying for her hand until 8 years later.

    Great chapter. All these years wondering how the engagement took place. LOL

  10. Oh so bittersweet but lovely. I would have to agree with Cassandra, Deborah and Mari…Anne is so easily persuaded…but she is young and not confident enough in herself.

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