Persuasion 200: The Wentworth Brothers — 21 Comments

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Susanne! I think Wentworth’s constancy for Anne enduring eight years is the reason we admire him!

  1. I really enjoyed this. I have tried so hard not to succumb to books outside of P&P as that is already out of control, but I now know I am failing!

  2. Loved seeing the relationship between the brothers, and so good to get more of the Captain’s thoughts and feelings, thank you!

  3. I loved your portrayal of the brothers’ camaraderie, and the sweet picture of his brother’s loving marriage… It adds to the happiness we can anticipate for Anne and Captain Wentworth when they are finally married and visiting this delightful family. Indeed, as Anne says, she is marrying into a much more delightful family than her own, with both Edward and Sophie to then be her brother and sister as well! Thank you for this charming extra story!

  4. What a delightful picture you have painted for us! I can just see the brothers trying to best each other on their ride. Then to receive their sister’s letter and affectionately tease how she mother’s them!

    • Thanks, Carole! Yes, I imagined their sister as a mothering type, who now concenrates on Frederick, as Edward is married and she can leave it to his wife. 🙂

  5. Love the chapters concerning the Wentworths..they seem such a warm, loving family…Anne will bloom in such a loving very different from how she grew up..

  6. Loved this scene. The brothers are so close and Sophie is their mother hen. Whatva wonderful family Anne is to become part if. It is nice to see Wentworth now conspiring to meet with Anne. He is finally realizing what a hash he made of things. A little more suffering for him is needed to make him realize what a gem he will be marrying. Call me cruel, but he does deserve it after what he’s put Anne through. Thank you Kara for such a wonderful piece of writing.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Deborah. And in considering going to Bath himself, he has no idea he will be encountering Mr. Elliot in Anne’s company. He will indeed suffer.

  7. I liked how Frederick explained his behavior — still not a really good excuse, but he was still stung from Anne’s rejection and needed to show her that other women would appreciate him (so THAT’S why he was an unforgivable flirt with Louise Musgrove!). I guess I can give him a little slack for that sentiment! Thank you! As others have commented, it’s enjoyable to see the contrast in the Wentworth family and their loving attention to one another.

  8. Have to agree with all that the Wentworth family will finally give Anne the support, love, recognition and society of good people that she deserves. It was nice to read of Frederick’s relationship with his brother, as JA gave us none of that. And that he had someone who would listen and not judge or advise him. Thank you for this chapter.

  9. In Persuasion, readers don’t get to see how Wentworth spent his time with Edward in Shropshire. It’s great to hear how close they are and the good captain unburdening himself to his brother. Thanks for writing an insightful chapter, Kara.

  10. I think that’s why these are so much fun! Of course Jane Austen would never have written the scenes that let’s us know what is going on with the heroes, as we are to be in the dark at to his feelings, much like her heroines.

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