Persuasion 200: The Wedding of Captain Frederick Wentworth to Miss Anne Elliot by Jack Caldwell — 32 Comments

  1. Well, the “pet male” did a brilliant job with the wedding scene; I very much enjoyed it…far more than Elizabeth did, LOL! 😉

    Thank you for writing and posting, and I’m looking forward to the next installments!

    Susanne 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this very much. Exactly how every groom wants their bride to react….’throwing herself in his arms and kissing him senseless’. So glad that Elizabeth got her ‘dressing down’ and that Anne is married and that Mrs. Smith stood up with her. Poor Elizabeth, but she has brought all upon herself. Sour grapes. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post, Jack, and am eagerly anticipating the release of Persuaded to Sail.

  3. There is nothing like a male point of view. This was romantic and sweet without being over the top. Just the right touch of romance, leavened with humor. I can’t wait for the next excerpt. This is delightful and I am glad it is being published at a future date because it is a nice alternative to Darcy and Elizabeth. I love them but I needed a break! I have The Three Colonels and I enjoyed it very much, so I will be happy to buy Persuaded To Sail. I did love Elizabeth’s annoyance over Anne’s marriage, and her fear of being a spinster. The way she acts will guarantee that it happens, but she will never understand that she causes her own unhappiness. The woman is so annoying that it’s a pity she never met Wickham before Lydia did. They are both so phony and insufferably pleased with themselves, that they deserve each other!

    • I comprehend your feelings, Mari, but I think Elizabeth Elliot wouldn’t give someone like George Wickham the time of day. Now John Willoughby, Tom Bertram, or Frederick Tilney? They might be worthy of a baronet’s daughter.

      The question is, would they give her the time of day?

      • Wait…. wait… plot bunny! I would love to see you write about Elizabeth Elliot’s three suitors – even if they are only suitors in her mind. Willoughby, Tom Bertram, and Tilney…. plus maybe another suitor who may or may not be the younger Ferrars brother, using a false name. Or throw in Darcy’s cousin, the Viscount. C’mon, Jack — do you want to leave Elizabeth Elliott on the shelf, undisturbed?

  4. A good job by the “pet-male”. Every group needs one to keep them straight (so says my husband). Elizabeth is a piece of work and it will serve her right to be on the shelf. What man would want her and she doesn’t even have a huge dowery to tempt one. Can’t wait to get on to the wedding breakfast!

  5. Looking forward to this one as I read the Three Colonels and would like to see more of the Wentworths as I never read the Unexpected Passenger. Hope all goes well for your summer publication of Crescent City. ~Jen Red~

  6. Captain Wentworth may have a handful with his new wife!!! I have enjoyed all of your books Jack, especially the three Colonels. Caroline Bingley actually became an actual human with your deft touch. I enjoy having a male point of view of Austen’s work.

    • You’ve said it, Hollis. I know y’all are gonna hate me, because PERSUADED TO SAIL will take some time before it’s ready to be published. But I’ll leave y’all with this. What Anne Elliot Wentworth doesn’t know is she married two men. She loves and understands Frederick Wentworth. But aboard ship, he is also Captain Wentworth, and that’s a different matter, especially with the French Navy looking for him!

  7. “Pet Male”? Hardly. You are a great JAFF writer and I love your work. This is a great post and I look forward to the wedding breakfast. Pet male, indeed, (A Lady Catherine-like snort)

  8. I am sure all of us got a smile, if not laugh, in reading your self-appointed title of “pet male”. Loved your handling of this event. And loved reading of Anne’s reaction in the carriage. Looking forward to the additional posts. Thank you.

    PS: Elizabeth isn’t worth the ink.

  9. Shannon and Hollis, wow what a post! I could just picture it. Jack, loved the post. Cannot wait until tomorrow for the wedding post. I have read The Three Generals and cannot wait for your next post.

    For all of the writers, will there be another group book? I bought the version for P and P that you all coauthored.

  10. Oh, so satisfying! Frederick and Anne, husband and wife! Despite all the hurdles, they made it! Love to see Elizabeth squirming, though I do think she is this way because she was carefully taught by her oh-so-wise (NOT!) father! The Baronet will have a lot to answer for at the pearly gates, methinks! Great wedding scene – thanks so much.

  11. What a wonderful chapter, always enjoy your work Mr. Caldwell. Sweet, romantic scene with a touch of humor.

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  13. Wonderful chapter Jack! And I loved The Three Colonels and Persuasion is my second favorite (to Pride and Prejudice) so I’m super excited to read Persuaded to Sail whenever you get the time to complete it! Love the humor in this especially Elizabeth and her sour attitude. She’s already been surpassed by Mary so I find it humorous that she’s so put out that Anne is marrying. Might be fun to do a spin off following Elizabeth…

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading the upcoming wedding breakfast 🙂

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