Persuasion 200: The Harvilles and Benwick Share Impressions of Their Visitors — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you, Ms Pierson! This is a charmingly portrayed little glimpse into this warm-hearted family with good friends discussing and feeling concern for their fellow officer and friend. I agree with Maggie that they see the situation more clearly than Frederick… It does make it more surprising that Benwick later falls in love with the very girl he doesn’t think would appeal to a reading thinking man! Maybe you will write about that behind the scene event and help us understand how it evolved!? 🙂

  2. Yes, his friends know him well and realize an appearance of commitment is almost there! We all know that Captain Harville has a discussion with Wentworth on this point. Oh what a tangled web Wentworth is weaving and he doesn’t even know it!

  3. Wonderfully done. Wentworth’s friends see Louisa as an imperfect match for him. Does he realize it yet? A tangled qwn indeed.

  4. Carey, I think you’ve captured their personalities beautifully-loved Mrs Harville too, who is largely ignored in the novel!

  5. “You’re mistaken if you think you have kept your intentions towards Louisa Musgrove a secret.” – says Harville to his friend Wentworth in the 2008 DVD version. And then Wentworth is surprised? I don’t care for this version but that sentence does say it all. He is then duty-bound to Louisa because of “expectations”. Benwick sees a lot but, it is strange that he fell in love with Louisa – perhaps subconsciously seeing his “ill” deceased fiancée in her and wanting to rescue her?

    I like the teasing between Harville and his wife.

  6. I like the banter between Mrs Harville and her husband. Thanks for giving us a fresh perspective on Wentworth’s marital prospects through the eyes of his two best friends, Carey.

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