Persuasion 200: The Courtship of Wentworth and Anne by Jane Odiwe — 28 Comments

  1. Beautiful, Jane, as always. It is so easy to be swept away in your gorgeous use of words, and when it’s with Frederick Wentworth, who is going to resist?

    Look forward to your next contribution to Persuasion 200!

  2. You have a lovely way with words Jane, especially when writing the kind of romantic scenes you have here.

    I could just imagine younger versions of Ciaran Hinds, Amanda Root and Corin Redgrave speaking as I read as your words seem to fit their portrayals perfectly.

    Sir Walter can be as indiscreet as Mrs. Bennet at times, can’t he?

  3. Awww — this is so sweet! Loved Dame Staples’ attempts to the two together as well as the descriptions in phrases such as “As the green leaves of the trees bent over their heads along the lane…” Delicate is the word that comes to mind. Thank you for this, Jane.

  4. Thank you, Monica-I found Dame Staples’ name in one of Jane Austen’s letters and thought she’d make a good matchmaker!

  5. I so enjoyed reading this. It was a great at 4 AM and woke me up. I too loved how Same Staples noticed their attraction. I especially loved her words, “Now just see that you look after one another…. Love one another and you’ll be happy.”. So true to the story as we later see how how accurate those words become.

    Loved the progression of their affection. I can feel her disappointment when he isn’t at the dance and her mortification when her father speaks. A stuck up version of Mrs. Bennet or perhaps even a male version of Caroline Bingley.

    Beautifully done. You engaged my emotions completely. Thank you for the look into their time together. I have both books you mentioned, but have not yet read them
    I will have to do so. (A 50 hour work week over the last year with no end I’m sight is exhausting)

  6. Deborah, thank you so much for your kind comments! I’m so sorry to hear about your workload and hope you get some free time soon!

  7. Jane I always love seeing your name attached to a chapter or a book, because I know I will be amply rewarded for reading it. I recently bought all of your books but one, and I will buy that one too! And of course, the new ones when they come out. When I was younger, I adored reading fairy tales. I get the same feeling reading your books: a sense of expectation and adventure, and some incredible, fascinating situations. You have a wonderful way with words, and I am always swept away by them, and I am always shocked when I come to the end. Never stop writing,ever. Thank you for another delightful, very enjoyable, and enchanting read. You have really made these characters come to life for me again. In the original, Anne’s life was so sad and depressing, but here, we get to meet her and the Captain before it all went wrong, and it makes all the difference in the world. Again, thank you for a new look at an often overlooked character. It really helped me to reconsider Miss Anne Elliot in a new light. I have a new appreciation for her now, and I must get out my DVD and watch Persuasion again. The casting and acting were superb.

    • Mari, I’m so very touched by your kind comments-thank you so much for taking the time to write. Sometimes being an author is a lonely occupation filled with much doubting and wondering if what you love to do has any worth. Thank you so much, you’ve made my day!

  8. Ah, that was lovely! Now if only our couple could remain in this pleasant place and skip the heartache between here and HEA. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Eileen-if only they could skip the heartache-but then, we wouldn’t have Persuasion-just imagine how awful that would be!

  9. Superb job, Jane. It will be a pleasure to follow you next week with the engagement scene, in which I’ll be taking some tips from your episode!

    • Thank you, Shannon, for the kind words-I’m so looking forward to reading your episode-can’t wait!

  10. Lovely descriptions. Scenes herein left me wanting to view more of their courtship in depth…something we do not read about in JA’s book. Thank you for this chapter.

    • Sheila, you could almost write a book on its own- a prequel, perhaps! Thanks so much for stopping by-

  11. Lovely! It’s wonderful to see Anne in the first blush of love, and what can I say about Commander Wentworth? Sigh!

  12. Sigh….reading beautiful scenes like this makes it so hard to imagine her being persuaded away from him! Your writing always makes me feel kind of spellbound.

    Reading Persuasion is such a changeup for me after so much P&P. Frederick is so different – not shy or reticent or haughty, just what you see is what you get, and he just goes for it. In the last scene of Carey’s, I was surprised when he immediately asked Anne to dance lol. I’m so used to The Big Struggle. Not that they won’t have theirs too, before long.

  13. Monica, thank you so much for your kind words-I feel very flattered!
    Frederick is a wonderful character-writing these scenes are bittersweet because we know what’s coming : ( !

  14. Thank you, this was really lovely. Both Anne and Frederick are so innocently happy, I know that I keep forgetting that they must have been that way before “Persuasion” actually takes place. It’s an interesting relationship right now, without all the misunderstandings and anxieties that come later and we have yet to see all the interfering of family and Lady Russell.

  15. Excellent and delightful, Jane. Thanks, for writing a sweet and lovely romance scenes. I notice an error though. Is that Mr Elliot by the mantelpiece in the Angel Inn? I thought it should be Sir Walter since he is a baronet and Anne’s mum is Lady Elliot when she died.

    • I don’t actually have a thorough knowledge on this but is it correct to address Wentworth as Captain Wentorth but his rank is commander? Can someone please enlighten me on this matter?

      Here’s another one that I found spoken by Cmdr Wentworth. “Lady Russell wondered if, in the circumstances, Elizabeth might accompany us.” Should he say Miss Elizabeth Elliot or Miss Elizabeth instead of Elizabeth only. His use of her Christian name imply that he is close to the elder daughter of Sir Walter.

      I hope you don’t get mad with me, Jane.

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