Persuasion 200: The Concert — 24 Comments

  1. Fantastic job Leslie! You really captured this scene and Wentworth’s roiling emotions well (at least in my opinion). There’s a part of me that feels bad for Frederick but another part of me feels that this is his penance for acting like a fool with Louisa. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh yay! I’ve written so little Persuasion that I admit I was a bit nervous about this. As much as I like Wentworth, I always felt so bad for Anne watching him pay attention to Louisa. I think he deserved a bit of penance. He gets a taste of how she felt, and eventually gives us the most amazing love letter ever! Thanks, Megan!

  2. How agonizingly beautiful, Leslie. I could feel Wentworth’s hopes and then the pain, thinking Anne was to wed another. Serves him right! The torture he put Anne through. He deserves some of his own back. Thank you for such an emotional rollercoaster ride this morning. (Gasp). Did I thank you for a rollercoaster ride? Oh, my; I usually am terrified of roller coasters; just not this one.

  3. Leslie, this is one of my favourite chapters from Persuasion, and I love how you’ve given us Captain Wentworth’s point of view, showing us his love for Anne, his hopes for a union, and then his agony when he realises that there is another suitor who might have pipped him to the post. Beautifully done!

    • Thanks so much, Jane! I enjoyed going back and pouring over that scene in the book in order to write this. I’ve read Persuasion several times, but the movies sometimes take over when it comes to particular scenes (this being one of them!). It was lovely to go back and reacquaint myself with canon.

    • I believe there is a certain amount of bitterness towards Sir Walter and Lady Russell, but I’ve always thought Mr. Elliot’s interest in Anne was marked. To me, he was jealous and probably very upset that he squandered whatever chance he might have had prior to his flirtation with Louisa Musgrove. Thanks, Betsy!

  4. Wow, excellent job. Regret is a bitter pill. I like that you referenced the first time he saw her again, and how he chose poorly. I remember this scene because I was filled with “no”; Anne quit talking to Mr. Elliot. Jealousy can really be a bear as Frederick is experiencing. It does serve him right for how Anne felt about him and Louisa. Thank you. Persuasion is my second favorite book after Pride and Prejudice.

    • Persuasion is my second favourite as well! I admit Wentworth’s letter has to be one of the most beautiful things Austen ever wrote, too. It is amazing! Thanks, Patty!

    • I enjoyed writing it! I do admit that while I want Captain Wentworth to sweep Anne off of her feet, I do appreciate that he had to suffer a bit as she had watching him with Louisa. He had it much easier though, his wait was not as long as Anne’s! Thanks, Susanne!

  5. Thanks so much, Leslie, for setting us up for what we know will finally, at last, be the happy ending for Capt. Wentworth and Anne! This must have been wrenchingly difficult for him! You captured it well!

    • I was happy to write it! I love Persuasion, but I just don’t write it too often. My main concern was to try to ensure it was to canon and that I didn’t accidentally mix in a memory from one of the movie adaptations. Writing it the way I did helped. I was able to follow the scene in the book as I wrote. Thanks, Kara!

  6. As Kara said, we’re FINALLY, after so much suffering on both sides, coming up on that happy ending for Anne and her captain! Thanks for filling in this chapter for us so poignantly.

  7. That was perfect from my POV. He does recognize that there is a very real and close danger of her being engaged by another man. It has to be an impetus to acting sooner rather later. Thanks for this episode.

  8. There he goes again – jumping to conclusions. They need to be locked in a room together!! Ann is just as bad – can she not excuse herself?

    • It’s not like she can leave and follow. It would be rude and inappropriate. Locking them in a room would’ve been fun though! Thanks, Hollis!

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