Persuasion 200: Mr. Shepherd steps in… — 13 Comments

  1. I liked how Mr. Sheppard put the ownership of the idea of renting Kellynch Hall and moving to Bath on Sir Walter. I’m sure it is the only way he would make the move due to his arrogance.

  2. Very nicely written – fits the characters personalities quite well. Lady Russell was doomed from the moment she used the word ‘retrench’ – twice. The rescheduling of a lesser client is a good indicator that Mr Shepherd is making sure he gets his share, before any other debts are paid.

    We have all dealt with Sir Walters in real life. My favorite manipulation was to provide an ‘executive summary’ and a pretty color tab in their favorite color. Usually resulted in a fast perusal of the one page, a couple superficial questions with quick decisive answers, then they flipped to the bottom of a couple hundred pages and a quick signature. Give them what they want and save hours of, to them, incomprehensible arguing. No Sir Walter type likes to have their ignorance flaunted so give them an easy way to save face.

  3. Change always sounds more palatable to a person when he thinks it was all his own idea. Well played, Mr. Shepherd!

  4. Smart of Mr Shepherd to take advantage of Sir Walter’s off-hand remark and then back down to let his client think about it first before presenting more facts. He sure knows how to please and manoeuvre his biggest client and to get paid for his services.

  5. One dropped letter – second paragraph: “As he sat an debated what to do” = As he sat and debated what to do

    I agree with the others – such a nice manipulation to credit Sir Walter with the idea! Nicely done.

  6. I wonder if Lady Russell knew all along that putting forth such a strict plan would have Sir Walter comment on quitting his home and living elsewhere and Mr. Shepard jumping on it! Well done indeed!

    • I suspect, Carole, that she did not think that it would end the way it did. I think that she is too straightforward to understand manipulation of that type. She has never really understood the Elliots, except Anne- she loves Elizabeth not because of mutual feelings, but because she thought she should love her friend’s children.

  7. Very well written…hard to tell who was manipulating whom..and now Sir Walter thinks the good idea was his..

  8. Ahh, that clever Mr Shepherd! He must be brilliant in negotiations for his clients. I hope Lady Russell quits while they are ahead.

    i notice that dear Anne wasn’t present for the meeting, nor did her sister or LR think to invite her. Sigh….

    Thank you for the “missing scene” to Persuasion!

  9. Brilliant! I loved the way Mr Shepherd turned the tables on Sir Walter and left him ruminating on ‘his’ plan!! LOL

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