Persuasion 200: Part Two of the Wentworth Wedding Breakfast by Jack Caldwell — 27 Comments

  1. Oh, sigh, I can only imagine how they might employ that time – I am grinning from ear to ear. So glad Lady Russell took the hint and cast no shadows over this happy day. But what do you have in store for Benwick? Are we to read of his wedding and will Frederick pull any strings? I can’t imagine his intended wife would be willing to go with him, as Anne is doing.

    And Sophy is fulfilling what I (and others, I am sure) always thought she would be as a sister to Anne. Only positive thoughts to send her on her way for her first sea voyage.

    Thank you for this lovely episode as I am off to sleep.

    • Benwick’s on his own, I’m afraid, and must rely on Harville putting in a good word. Wentworth has no influence. Indeed, he and Anne will miss the weddings, as they will be on a ship bound for . . .

      Thought you’d trick me into giving that way, did you?

  2. Thank you for this sweet episode. So happy to see Anne snuff Lady Russell’s intended interference! As Sheila said Sophy is the sister we thought she would be to Anne with all the positive advice. Hopefully Wentworth doesn’t doubt his luck too much….that could have devastating effects. I wonder what will come up for Benwick? Finally Anne & the captain are married and Alone together. What new adventures lie in store for them? Lovely to read at 4am.

  3. This was beautifully written. It had romance and hints of adventure to come. I do love action and adventures in my reading and movie choices, so this fit in nicely. I do love it that after Lady Russell had regrets about interfering in Amme’s life previously, she was all set to do it again! Luckily Anne had learned her lesson, even if Lady Russell had not, and firmly settled the matter. I like this ending better than the versions where Frederick buys Kellynch for Anne and we are to assume they lived happily ever after. Not as long as Sir Walter and Mary and Elizabeth are alive, they wouldn’t. They would all have tried to move in and spend the Wentworth’s money for them. This is more in keeping with the characters and our perception of them. It was nice having you these last three days Jack, even if the Packers do kick the Vikings’ butts twice every season!

    • A leopard doesn’t change her spots, and neither does Lady Russell. At least she means well. But Anne will live her own life, by her darling Frederick’s side, no matter what dangers await them!

  4. Lady Russel is at it again. So glad Anne won’t be persuaded this time. Going to Bermuda doesn’t sound bad to me especially on a ship. I know it was different then. Thanks to the “pet-mail” for the early morning read. I started the day well now let’s see what happens.

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  6. I hope you come back soon Jack! I know you just released a new book and are busy with the others but do you have anything “Snowbound”esque in the works for us?

  7. Lovely chapter Jack! Love Anne and her “newfound determination” and I chuckled at the fact of Lasy Russell not enjoying it! Frederick being a little introspective before departing is interesting (looking forward to your Persuaded to Sail and seeing some of Anne and Frederick’s adventures on the high seas). And I’m sure the time will fly by for Anne and Frederick. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed all three chapters in this wedding/wedding breakfast ‘series’, Jack. I doubt i can add more to the comments others have given…Lady Russell’s (dare I say prejudice) opinion of the Captain, the outrageous conduct of the Baronet and Elizabeth, the hopefulness of Harville, the frustration of Benwick, the constancy and goodness of Sophy, etc., etc. All the makes of a good story. Yesterday I ordered (thank you Amazon) a copy of “The Three Colonels”… how long will we have to wait for “Persuaded to Sail”?
    “Persuasion” has long been my favorite of Jane’s works yet most writers lean towards P&P for their variations. A big, big thanks to you for not overlooking the story of Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth.

  9. I’m tied up for the rest of 2015 with THE PLAINS OF CHALMETTE and the three volumes of CRESCENT CITY, so I can’t give y’all a firm date. But PERSUADED TO SAIL will be published, I promise you that. I think it’s some of my best work

    • I’ll do my best to be patient…. 🙂 …. but I, like all of your readers, will be anxious for the publication of ‘Persuaded to Sail’. …and I’m especially anxious when you say you think it’s some of your best work. It MUST be great!

  10. Wonderful chapter! I quite enjoyed seeing Lady Russell quail a bit before a kind but firm Anne who will not yield to the persuasion of others if it goes against her happiness.

    I’m with Frederick when it comes to Elizabeth…and all of Anne’s family. They have always been a thoughtless bunch at best and cruel at worst. Anne will do much better with her new sister and brother. 🙂

    Thank you for a delightful wedding breakfast! I think I enjoyed it much more than Frederick did, LOL! 😉

    Susanne 🙂

  11. Anne married and starting a new life with her long time love, thank you for bring us the beginning of her new adventure. Wentworth is just the man for Anne, he will walk in front of her and protect her from harm. Beside her as her partner and behind her to catch her if she should stumble and fall. We have all benefited from having him in our lives.

  12. When is you persuaded to sail coming out? Also do you know anything about ” Alone with Mr. Darcy” and a date for that one… if you keep writing it Jack we will keep reading it. Thank you so much for your words that transport us in time so we are right there with Anne and the Captain as well as the rest of the new “family”.

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