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  1. Thank you Jack. I like the look at the folks at the breakfast. Nice to see Lady Russell having regrets about messing with the couple nearly 9 years before. Sir Walter is as vain as ever. That they shouldn’t have kids because they might not be good looking enough. Annoying and self worshipping! Happy that Louisa is so happy. It was just so much fun seeing everyone’s thoughts. Some made me laugh and others shake my head. Thanks for such a wake up chapter “pet male”.

  2. This started my day well. How fun. Wonder why Sir Walter never thinks about why Elizabeth is not married. Lady Russell needed to have a good “think”, but she still thinks she knows best. Wonder what she will do for Anne’s children, especially since they might not be good looking. Thanks for the morning read.

  3. The playwright George S. Kaufman always tried to have his characters leave the stage on a laugh, and you ended this with a laugh; he would have been proud! I had such fun reading this. The characters all stayed true to themselves and gave us much to think about. How Anne ever managed to survive the Elliot’s is amazing. Lady Russell perhaps was all that stood between her and abject misery, and even Lady Russell contributed to her unhappiness. Sir Walter is a particularly unpalatable character. He had no love or respect for anyone but himself and those he perceived as his equals, or betters. Even then it was a selfish and self serving “love”. The only person he truly valued was Elizabeth, who was as arrogant and selfish as he was. It always amazed me that they never argued or fought, because they were so much alike. It would have been a spectacular falling out. I am glad that Anne is happily married and away from the Elliots and their destructive, poisonous little world.

  4. I am glad Lady Russell expressed a little regret that she had missed 7 years of Anne’s imaginary children dandling on her knee. Serves her right! I like how the military men took charge too!

  5. I was very happy to have this as my first “reading” of the morning…spiced with humor and insight. I am imagining that without Anne to “preach” any economy Sir Walter and Elizabeth will never reach a point at which they can move back into their home. And at some point it will become only too evident that Elizabeth is not getting off the shelf.

    I was glad to have Lady Russell realize that Anne has missed out on over 8 years of happiness. Yes, it should be an unsettling thought.

    I do hope Frederick and Anne have an offspring or two and that none of them take after their grandfather in looks or character. Looking forward to reading the rest of the Breakfast and….about the two different Fredericks. That sounds intriguing.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  6. I loved this chapter and the wedding chapter — this book may be your best work. You capture everyone’s feelings astonishingly well. I can’t wait for the next.

  7. I am glad that Lady Russell was nudged a bt out of her complacency over her advice to Anne nearly nine years before. Although her interference was well-meant, it was still just that: interference in the lives of her beloved god-daughter and a promising young member of the Royal Navy. I was really happy to see her conscience smart a bit. 😉

    And Sir Walter would always be Sir Walter, vain as the proverbial peacock, and classing people not according to their character but according to accidents of attractiveness, birth, and wealth, none of which people have very much control over.

    Excellent look at Austen’s characters, captured in this snapshot of time, a joyous time for Anne and her Captain. 🙂

    Thank you, Jack–a wonderful chapter indeed!

    Susanne 🙂

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  9. OK, I read that excerpt from Chapter Two: how clever – Fanny’s brother is serving under Captain Wentworth. You DO have my interest…and how mysterious – express rider but not meeting until a week from how?

    Teasing man!

          • Oops, mea culpa: I don’t really keep track of time settings. If I were an author I would have to be much more aware of such. I find myself many times having to review such in my head as I did not cast it to memory.

            Thanks for the correction hint.

            • Sheila, I have to have spreadsheets to keep all this straight. BTW, there’s a hint in THE THREE COLONELS about Margaret and Price! I told you it was a companion piece.

            • Jack, I have to admit that The Three Colonels is on my Wish List. I must now make it my next reading since I do want to read your next book. Just so many good books and authors out there and I have only been pushing this now in retirement so I am behind some like Meredith. But I will read it.

  10. Thanks for the read. Look forward to tomorrow’s piece. Just read the excerpt from Persuaded to Sail and am very intrigued. Look forward to you releasing it when you are finished with Chalmette series.

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  12. I am months behind in my Austen Variations log visits. Persuasion was the very first Austen novel that I read; and it led me to read all of Miss Austen’s earlier works. Mansfield Park is now my favorite Austen novel; and I have often thought about the personality similarity between Anne Elliot and Fanny Price. Both Austen characters have quiet independence, deep capacities for self reflection and sound judgement. I can imagine them as companions and close friends. Perhaps their relationship could be the basis of a continuation novel. Dr. RS

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