Persuasion 200: Morning with The Crofts — 25 Comments

  1. How lovely, Nothing like an older married couple that are still in love. Nice example for Frederick to watch. Maybe (we know he will) get the message that love isn’t about just a pretty face and some smiles but about a true relationship. Sophie’s perception is so much better than either of the men in her life. Not unusual for that to be the way. Anyway, a sweet, sweet chapter. Thank you.

    • It’s nice that Frederick has strong family affection, and it must have grieved him that Anne chose to remain with hers over being with him. Thanks for your thoughts, Maggie!

  2. I always think of Sophie and the Admiral as being near to mine and my husband’s ages and this sounds like something we would do. Although DH is a much better driver than I. LOL Frederick doesn’t seem too excited to be going hunting with Charles and his puppy. Inner battles take up so much time.

  3. That is a sweet and touching interlude for the Crofts! Just wish your ‘chapters’ were longer. It is nice to see how an older couple still enjoy their conjugal relationship.

  4. A beautiful example of the banter in such a loving relationship. There is a wonderful closeness and affection eminarinf from the couple. It’s nice they are not ‘interfering’ in the captain’s decisions about the Musgrove girls. He needs to find our for himself. He would not take kindly to interference. Thank you for auxha lovely xhaptwe, Kara.

  5. I loved the turn of the gig, so to speak, Kara! A lovely episode-there’s nothing like the love shared by two people who have grown together over many years.

  6. Love the Crofts! And Mrs Croft is so smart about what her brother’s choice of wife ought not to be. 🙂

    I really enjoyed that. It was so sweet.

  7. I like it that the Admiral was glad Wentworth was leaving! Had to laugh there. What a charming and truly lovely couple. Mrs. Croft certainly knows her brother well though. I like knowing that we do too!

    • I had to laugh at how the Admiral took advantage of Wentworth’s departure! And yes, it is good that Wentworth’s sister knows him well! Thanks, Carole!

  8. This was very sweet. But the comments and photo have me wondering, how old is this “older” couple? I have forgotten if it was mentioned, the age difference between Frederick and Sophie, and then her husband’s age.

    • We are not told their exact ages, but as Croft was an Admiral, he would likely have been at least in at his 40s. Obviously, Sophia could be quite a bit younger, but again, we’re not sure. We do know that she was Frederick’s older sister. Thanks, Kathy!

      • I’m 41 and DH is nearly 45 so that’s how I always picture them (for some reason I have no explanation for) . My youngest sibling is nearly 26 so that’s not too far gone either since I mentally figure darling Frederick is 30ish since Anne is 27.

  9. What a lovely little glimpse into the Croft’s life, two of my favourite secondary characters…really think they are a lovely couple…glad to see them getting a little love story of their own…

    • Thanks, Stephanie! We’re not told too much about them, but the little we see them shows them to be likeable and compassionate.

  10. I enjoyed getting to know the Crofts better. They are one of a handful couples who are loving, caring and perfect for each another in Austen’s novels. The only thing lacking in their marriage is having children of their own.

    Thanks for writing a beautiful chapter again, Kara.

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