Persuasion 200: Mary Takes the Credit – Jane Odiwe — 20 Comments

  1. Unbelievable. Mary thinking she had a part in getting Anne & Wentworth together. She is an Elliot through and through. Enlarge the house because Wentworth might be able to purchase a sizeable estate. And give Sir Walter money….oh, brother. Trying to use the man. And Mrs Clay has disappeared….I wonder where (of course we know). Wonderful chapter, Jane.

  2. This was quite amusing and very revealing at the same time. Mary taking credit for something she never did, and both she and Sir Walter wondering how they could use Wentworth for gain, and all the while looking down on him. I also enjoyed Mary taunting Elizabeth about being the only unmarried sister. That was really well done! She is correct that Frederick is not their equal; he is their superior in every way that counts. Only an accident of birth gives any status to Sir Walter, Mary, and Elizabeth. One can only dream that one day the Captain will be knighted, and then the Elliots will fawn over him with alarming frequency, every chance they get! Not that they will get any, since he has their number and will avoid them. Another excellent chapter. Mary drops her poison very carefully, and watches it grow. She is more dangerous than Elizabeth and Sir Walter, and she almost always gets what she wants by design. She could almost make a book of her own. I would absolutely love to see the adventures and misadventures of Mary Musgrove.

    • I really enjoyed writing this, Mari-the Elliots are unbelievably snobby, and I enjoyed taking that to another level! Oh, I hope so fervently that the captain will get his knighthood yet!

  3. Ah yes, taking credit but no blame for their own circumstances is typical Elliot style! Then Sir Walter praising Mary for having sound ideas! That will only go to her head and add fuel to the fire that Charles will have to now listen to. Heaven forbid The Wentworths have a bigger house than herself!

    I liked being a fly on the wall for this conversation Jane! Thank you!

  4. Well, I really enjoyed this. You can almost hear them all squeal with animosity! It will be interesting times for them all as they try to gain from their relationship with Wentworth while trying very hard not to have one, hahaha. I think it would ALMOST be worthwhile for Captain Wentworth to give up the sea and live nearby just for the fun of making them dance!

  5. Thank you, Julie- yes, I’d love to write the chapter when Mary sees them both again and Anne is the owner of a pretty landaulette!
    From Persuasion: She had something to suffer, perhaps, when they came into contact again, in seeing Anne restored to the rights of seniority, and the mistress of a very pretty landaulette; but she had a future to look forward to, of powerful consolation.

  6. It was so kind of Mary to promote this match when she has been suffering so from her sore throats (so much worse than anyone else’s) and other ailments, plus all the worry over her beloved children, not to mention having to put up with the lack of respect for her position shown by her in-laws. But dear Mary cares nothing for her own problems and thinks only of giving pleasure to others. She lights up the room merely by coming into it! Hmm. Maybe not so much “lights it up” as “brings a certain charged or suffocating atmosphere to it”.

  7. OK, we have heard from the despicable side of the family. Boo! Boo! Let’s hear from sister, Sophia. I am sure she is ecstatic and so looking forward to at last having a sister. I am sure some time and some where the previous engagement will be told to her.

    You told this well. Everyone thinking only of themselves and no one being happy for Anne. I hope they sail off and when they settle it is no where near these relatives.

  8. Yes, Sheila, they are all so elfish, and I am sure will continue to be so! I expect Mrs Croft is thrilled at the news-what a lovely sister-in-law she will make for Anne!

      • I did realize that – we all do that at one time or another – I know you are intelligent and didn’t give it a thought. Have a good day. We have SNOW – again!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  9. Aaah, Mary. It is so like her to take credit where no credit is due. And to suggest that Captain Wentworth help the family financially–what gall!

    And I think we all know where Mrs. Clay is….. 😉

    I hope that we will see more of Anne and her captain–my one caveat about Jane Austen’s novels is that I feel that she doesn’t leave us enough time to rejoice in the engagements and marriages of her heroes and heroines; I want more time to bask in their love and regard for one another before the novels end. 😉

    Thank you for this intriguing chapter. Mary will be Mary…. 😉

    Cassandra 🙂

  10. Thank you, Susanne-yes, Mary is a one-off, and I couldn’t resist having them think they could use the captain for their own gain. I think there may yet be a wedding scene so we will be able to bask a little more in Anne and Fred’s happiness!

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