Persuasion 200: Father and Daughter, a Mutual Admiration Society by Mary Simonsen — 29 Comments

  1. Loved it. Like father like daughter. Two self-centered peas in a pod. And ugghhh….spending money on a new coach instead of paying the servants….and the both are so vain. Just as I imagined them.

    Thank you Mary. I enjoyed this look at the both of them.

  2. What peacocks! Wearing silk, ordering new carriages while his man had holes in his stockings and holes in his nightshirt and holes in his shoe leather! Oh, we will see who sits on the shelf! Think – when Sir Walter dies and his heir moves in who is out in the cold, especially if our “dear” heir has the surveyors there to sell off property. Perfectly pictured, Mary.

    • What a good idea, Sheila! We’ve done prequel scenes. Why not epilogue scenes? Jane Austen doesn’t tell us what happens afterward to Sir Walter, Elizabeth, and Mr. Elliot, but it would be great fun to image and write it!

    • I agree. Sequels would be fun. I have to admit that seeing Sir Walter’s and Elizabeth’s expressions would be priceless!

  3. Ooh, that silly girl! As if she and her father would countenance spending money on silk dresses for Anne. I wonder what Elizabeth would say if her ever decided to marry again….

    Thank you for the peek into the father-daughter convo, Mary! Enjoy your grandkids while you have them this summer. <3 <3

    • Thanks, June. I’ve been with my granddaughter since 6/6, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Will see my grandson again in August. Revisiting sights in San Diego where I took my daughters when they were young. Lots of fun. Mary

  4. Enjoyed this fly on the wall moment between these two..
    what conceit, such vanity..
    However did Anne survive such neglect and still turn out
    so well.

    • Hi, Stephanie. I think the reason Anne turned out so well is b/c she is a middle child. I also happen to be a middle child, and I’m a wonderful person. 😉 Thanks for commenting.

  5. Vanity thy names are Sir Walter and Elizabeth! I third the vote on epilogue stories! Loved this chapter Mary!

  6. This was so well-written because they both came across as squirm-inducing! Blech! They are like the myth of Narcissus who was captivated by his own reflection. I would also like to read the epilogue for this story, just for the guilty pleasure of seeing Sir Walter’s face disfigured by some kind of benign but persistent and itchy rash. But I guess the best part of an epilogue would be for Anne and Frederick not to have to deal with her shallow, self-absorbed family any more!

  7. Like father, like daughter. This is good, Mary. I wish they get some sort of punishment for putting their own interest ahead of others and being unkind to Anne. I seconded Kathy’s suggestion in respect to rash on both Sir Walter and Elizabeth.

  8. Why is it that Anne is “plain” and they worry about her not ever marrying and Elizabeth is older she is already on the shelf for her time. Guess if you are perfect it doesn’t matter if you are vain and have a weird relationship with your father. Great characters. Enjoy the grandchildren!

    • Thanks, Maggie. I always found Sir Walter and Elizabeth’s relationship strange. Apparently, he had the good sense to marry a good woman, but he pays attention to only one of their three children. Huh!

  9. Hmmm, does she love the smell of new leather more than her own appearance? I think not!

    Delightfully done, Mary; loved Sir Walter’s moaning about his valet (Irish indeed?!)

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