Persuasion 200: Captain Wentworth Resolves to Visit Bath — 31 Comments

  1. Hooray! I love Wentworth’s expressions of how weighed down he felt, and then how liberated! Boy, did he dodge a bullet. But now he does deserve to squirm a bit for how he treated Anne.

  2. Oh, how very sweet. Poor Harville, so worried that he was bringing Wentworth bad news. The angst and guilt he must have felt having the romance between Benwick and Louisa happen under his roof with the misapprehension that somehow he betrayed his friend by not being aware of what was happening and putting a stop to it.

    The shock Wentworth feels; the liberating shock that he is no longer honor bound to offer for Louisa and is free to pursue Anne. And, of course, he thinks of Lady Russell and her complicity in all that has transpired between Anne and him over the last 8 years and a half. I’m glad he has hope, but, all is not smooth sailing yet, and he definitely doesn’t deserve it. He needs to suffer a bit more (or squirm a bit, as Kathy said). Thank you for such a wonderful chapter this morning, Grace. I adored this.

  3. Loved it. How nice it must have been to get the news in person versus a letter. Now Wentworth can act sooner on his hope and dream. Watch out Anne. There is a very determined man after you. Cannot wait for next installment to see how this gets pulled off. Thanks so much, Maria Grace.

  4. YES! To Bath is just the thing! What a great interaction between two friends. I can see them back and forth, Wentworth trying to get information from Harville and Harville trying to make ithe news easier on Frederick. A wonderful early morning read!

  5. Lovely scene, Maria! How thoughtful of Harville to take the trouble to drive out to Shropshire to tell his friend the news which he feels will be devastating. Wonder how far from Lyme it is? And it amazes me that such good friends wouldn’t share even an inkling of their true feelings! But such was the mores of the times… And men are probably less likely to confide than women, and Wentworth would gallantly consider Louisa’s feelings/honor. So what a relief to him now! Yes, he does deserve to suffer a bit, however for our dear Anne’s sake.

    • My thought was that Harville had been staying at the Musgroves at this time and drove out from there.

      I think Wentworth has a it more suffering in store before all is smooth sailing.


  6. Let Wentworth squirm a little and I hope Anne does too. But for her sake, Wentworth should get on his his horse and ride for Bath immediately and beg her to take him back, Lady Russell be d***ned. She has meddled enought.

    • He will, I”m sure get himself to Bath soon. Hopefully he will also recognize how his own resentfulness has needlessly separated them and have a little pity upon Lady Russell.

      Thanks, Hollis!

  7. Hope! Yes, Jane gave both Wentworth and Darcy hope through conversations with others. We don’t usually give men credit they deserve that they have very deep feelings, just like women do. It’s lovely that Miss Austen understood this so well having never married herself. I’m not sure how open her brothers were with her regarding their emotions on love. She was a truly insightful woman.

    I love your writing in this post. The dialogue back and for between Wentworth and Harville was wonderful and PERFECT! Thank you for this post.

  8. Free at last!! 😉

    Harville was so sweet to come out to give Frederick the news…and isit ever happy news, indeed!

    Now off to Bath…. 🙂

    But I hope that Anne will let his stew, just for a little while in return for his (potentially dangerous) plan to make her jealous.

    Thank you for this lovely chapter!! 😀

    Cassandra 🙂

  9. Oh, what a wonderful chapter! Wentworth is my favorite hero, and Persuasion my favorite book. It doesn’t get anywhere near the number of “re-imaginings” as P & P, so I’m always so happy to see them. This one was just perfect – we get such a good insight into Frederick’s mind and heart, can see how he was absolutely prepared to “do the right thing”, and how much he regretted having led Louisa on, but saw that it was his own fault. In some ways, I think navigating relationships might have been easier in those days because the rules were so clear, and known to all. But having put your foot wrong, it would be very hard to recover. I’m so happy to see his relief and that his next thought is immediately to go to Anne!

  10. Lovely chapter…enjoy getting insight into Frederick’s thoughts…stayed calm in front of Harville but loved his relief as he walked away to check on the tea

  11. I love this scene! In the few Persuasion retellings I’ve read (some from Wentworth’s perspective) this is one of my favorite parts (besides the letter) in each of them. We get to see Wentworth finally have a chance at Anne again! I enjoy the friendship between Wentworth and Harville that Harville drives over to see Frederick in person to give him the news of Louisa and Benwick. Can’t wait to see all the upcoming drama in Bath!

  12. All this talk about letting him stew – but then Anne is stewing at the same time. After all it has been over 8 years. Don’t you think that they have both suffered long enough? We hear from their thoughts that they know who it is they love. Get thee to Bath!

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