Persuasion 200: Captain Wentworth sees Anne and Lady Russell — 14 Comments

  1. Oh, the tension builds. These people are so tangled up wondering about meeting each other and then wondering what the other is thinking. We know the ending but we are biting our nails waiting for someone to break the ice and show a sign that they still care.

    Thank you, Kara, – off to bed with sweet thoughts that this is finally coming to a climax.

    • Sheila – it is nice to know the outcome of all this. Some times you just want to shake the two of them and tell them they need to talk to each other! Thanks!

    • Yes, poor indeed! He just isn’t hasn’t had any luck – and we know the next time they meet will almost be worse! Thanks, Jane!

  2. Sheila, you are right. The tension is indeed building. Looking forward to the next installment. We do know the ending which does not give relief because the anticipation of wondering what the authors have in mind for the in between parts!

  3. Oh, I am all agog to read the next post… I think I am almost as much in agony as Captain Wentworth! Even when he finally gets his “chance”, it’s all agony for him as he can’t get a moment to SPEAK to Anne – he must write it all down, or he will burst! The letter he writes is the single best thing ever written in my opinion. So happy that Jane Austen had time to add that letter – it makes the story! Knowing that it came in a late re-write and so shortly before her death… what if she hadn’t been able to manage it?

  4. Poor Wentworth, although he deserves this agonizing uncertainty. Thank you for this segment from Wentworth’s mind. After what he did to ‘punish Anne’ he deserves the uncertainty and agony he is/will feel…especially about Mr. Elliott (the younger). A wonderful post, Kara.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Deborah! While his heart has remained hers, his actions certainly did not convey that to Anne. Yes, he deserves a little misery! Thanks!

  5. I’m somewhat amazed at Frederick’s determination when he’s got all of these people surrounding Anne, who don’t have her best interests at heart, and who are really tiresome! Thanks for this scene, he’s suffering as he should, but now I’m starting to feel badly for him. 🙂

    • Just a little while longer, Kathy, and he will have his Anne! It’s too bad he didn’t just go up to her despite Lady Russell’s presence. They’re both being too cautious! Thanks for your thoughts!

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