Persuasion 200: Anne’s Internal Debate — 30 Comments

  1. Ouch, that was painful! Poor Anne – so alone, so ‘cornered’. I really feel for her, Alyssa. You have captured her inner debate beautifully – and how she finally could only bear such a decision because she genuinely believed it was the best for Wentworth.

    She understands him well, also, on their relatively short acquaintance – that his pride and his absolutely conviction of success in the future will not allow him to understand her point of view – I suspect he won’t even really hear her out, or if he does, he won’t actually ‘hear’ the words and what they mean.

    Big sigh. Lovely, if heart-breaking, scene, Alyssa.

  2. Alyssa, you have perfectly captured Anne’s turbulent feelings and emotions on this matter. I feel so sorry for her to be persuaded to give up her one true love for him to have a better future without her to hold him back. I really hope he does see her point and counter Lady Russell’s persuasion by making her believe in him. But alas that is not going to happen because his pride got in the way.

  3. Oh, poor Anne. If only she had once in her life been made to feel worthy of anything! Now when the chance for such comes along, she is too easily persuaded to give up her chance at happiness, to doubt her decision, to bend to the opinions of others. And poor Captain Wentworth when he learns of her decision. I cannot imagine that he would “go down” without a fight.

    Persuasion is such a sad book (at least at the beginning). I am waiting impatiently for the gloom to start lifting. 🙂

    Thanks for the chapter, Alyssa.

  4. Oh, how superb. I can just feel how tormented Anne is by the decision to be persuaded by Lady Russell. Her turmoil is palpable!. “How my heart aches for the man who has filled my heart with hope, and despairs of a future without him.” (My favorite line in this excerpt). You can feel that, if she didn’t love him so much, she would’ve gone ahead no matter what anyone else said or thought, But, her love, is a self-sacrificing kind of love. Even though she feels this is her only chance at love she is wiling to throw it away for Frederick’s sake. “He might eventually come to regret his impulsive offer! It is that devastating eventuality that haunts me.” Poor Anne. As Cassandra says, ‘she truly understands him. He will not hear her reasoning…. Poor Anne & Frederick.

    Alyssa, thank you so much for showing Anne’s emotions in this scene. You have made me feel her turmoil and accomplished what you set out to do…captured her internal debate. Beautifully written. Again, I cannot say I am looking forward to her ‘confrontation’ with Frederick, but would like to see how this next scene is played out. What an emotional rollercoaster.

  5. Alyssa, this was so “ANNE”. Soft, sincere and self-effacing. I can feel the gentleness and the love for Fredrick in her thoughts and the knowledge that he won’t hear her and she will be left alone. It is loosing her mother all over again. Thank you for a beautiful scene.

  6. Lovely chapter, Alyssa. So sad she thinks she’s doing it for him! These prequel chapters have been so wonderful in filling in the background of the story. Sorry I accidentally attributed your chapter to Kara on FB. I’ve fixed it.

  7. Excellent insight that Lady Russell’s boundless esteem for Anne blinds her to where she believes no one is good enough for Anne, least of all Cpt. Wentworth!

  8. Poor Anne…I can only imagine her thinking and worrying and fretting about all this, in her quiet way. I’m the kind of person who overthinks everything and for something this important I’d probably make myself sick or crazy. I don’t look forward to Frederick’s reaction when she has to tell him. *cringe* Sigh…

    You did a great job, Alyssa!

  9. Beautifully written, you captured Anne’s character perfectly…her internally struggle with no one to turn to…broke my heart…I’m sure I will cry when she has her conversation with Wentworth…

  10. Anne’s inner turmoil is heart wrenching and you have portrayed her so well. For her sanity, she has to convince herself that it is for Captain Wentworth’s own good. Oh the emptiness she must have felt for 8 long years…

  11. Ohhhh… vi todas as expressões possíveis na face da Anne no momento em que eu estava lendo, a cena está perfeitamente de acordo com a personagem retratada por nossa querida Jane. Embora a Anne tenha passado por longos anos pensando se o amor de Fredrick ainda era constante e por uma segunda chance incerta,foi lindo vê o amadurecimento dos dois. Valeu a pena!!!!!!!!!!!!rerererere………

  12. Tuve que leer esto en Google Translate. 🙂

    Creo que voy a tener más diversión de leer la historia de Jane con estos desgarradoras “capítulos extra” en mi mente!

    Gracias por leer y comentar!

  13. So well written! Thank you! This was just lovely, even though it was so sad. I think because their engagement was so quick it led to so many of these misunderstandings. No one (else) had time to get to know Frederick and find out that he wasn’t a shallow opportunist, and Frederick and Anne didn’t have a chance to really convince each other that their attachment wasn’t a superficial one. Anne being so insecure to start with couldn’t believe that what she had with Frederick was going to last. But it seems that Lady Russell was also able to bring Anne around by making her think she could be a burden to Frederick.

  14. I put off reading this until today, knowing how tragic this part of the story is and it did bring tears to my eyes. I believe you captured it perfectly….sadly! Don’t look forward to the next parts but will read them to “get them out of the way” and get to better, happier times.

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