Persuasion 200: Anne Wonders if Wentworth Will Pursue Her Again by Maria Grace — 17 Comments

  1. I feel for Anne as she have to attend to every whims and fancies of her elder sister Elizabeth. I wish she could develop a backbone and show her displeasure when she is forced to serve her sister. But then she would not be the sweet and kind-hearted heroine that we know.

    It’s a lovely way to introduce Christina in this story. I hope we get to know more about her in the coming plot.

  2. I could feel how put upon Anne is in this chapter. She reminds me a little of Cinderella….the remade dress, do this or that for me…. Daydreaming of her Prince (Wentworth)….and Elizabeth in her new dress expecting her yo do whatever she demands (not requests) and she struts (like a peacock) doesn’t walk……her spending habits are shown very nicely here; I mean how could she ever do without. She is oh, so self-centered.

    Nice intro for Christina. I like how Anne, true to charactet, appreciated the pastry she ead given without asking. I also loved how you had the smells of the Boyd’s evoke memories and thoughts of Wentworth. Smells very often bring back very vivid memories to me.

    I liked that you wrote, “In that, men had the material advantage. They could be active in the world, seek out what they desired. Pursuing and fighting, for it was their right, even their duty. Women were made for more quiet things, quite unsatisfying things”. This make me think of her comments towards the end of Persuasion.

    Thank you. It was quite a wonderful excerpt. I felt angry towards Elizabeth due to her treatment of Anne and felt her pain.

  3. I meant to add that I thought Elizabeth, especially, was so well done- and I really enjoyed the scene at the confectioner’s too!

  4. How much do I love love love this!!! Thank you for this clever fundraiser– and am honored to be written in Persuasion 2000.

  5. Really enjoyed this, Grace! Had to laugh over the line “otherwise a well-cultivated Elliot fit would follow.”!!

    You have the meanness of Elizabeth Elliot perfectly captured, but oh poor Anne, expecting and hoping for a chance to meet Wentworth again, almost seeming to think it would happen and they would be able to pick up the threads… bless her.

  6. A great chapter, Grace! It does what P200 was meant to do – filling in the blanks in the original story. This one gives us an idea what Anne’s life was like while Wentworth was away adventuring. Sad that she was so put upon and neglected by her own family, but I felt that you showed she wasn’t completely broken by her circumstances. She remained strong inside, which makes her a worthy heroine.

  7. How dull her existence and to be treated like a servant, at Elizabeth’s beck and call. Sad. I kept waiting for Miss Christina (or her father) to bring up the matter of the bill. That is going to come up, I am sure. At least we can think that thoughts of how well Frederick is doing bring some measure of joy into her life. She must be thinking how he was so correct in his expectations and “if only”…. I wonder if Lady Russell reads these sections of the paper? I know Elizabeth and Sir Walter don’t. Excellent chapter bringing clarity to the life of Anne during the long years.

  8. Ugh, how does she not just go crazy!? Her family is awful; she must feel so small. I swear, if it was me I’d eat all but like 2 pieces of that marzipan on the way home & give Elizabeth what’s left. 😛 But as Shannon said, she’s still going about her life and it’s what she knows.

    It was great fun meeting Miss Christina and now I’m hungry. Thanks a lot, Grace! lol

  9. Definitely see a correlation with Cinderella..poor Anne..struck me as sad that she has hopes of Frederick returning and renewing his suit when we know it will be eight long years..she seems content now but after eight more years of her families is amazing she is still sweet natured and loving an not horribly bitter and resentful..

  10. I’m wondering about the bill, too. It would be even more dreadful for Anne to have to go to merchants, knowing that he father could not pay. Charles Musgrove would look verrrrrrry tempting here…

    Thank you for the visit with Anne

  11. I guess it’s still “early” in their separation, so while Anne’s daily life is unsatisfying, she seems pretty accepting of her fate and still hopeful that Frederick will come back and they might have a chance at a future together. It’s more poignant knowing how long the wait is going to be. Although no matter how sad Anne will be to look back after 8 years and realize she had been unsatisfied all that time, at least she lived a more meaningful existence taking care of her family. Her sister and father, on the other hand, will have had nothing to show for all the intervening time except gadding about society and eating lots of marzipan!

  12. Thanks, Maria, for insight into Anne’s simple, sad life, but how nice to see Christina and that she was so kind to Anne and cheered her up – just a little! I hope she is continues to show her appreciation to her for those eight long years it’s going to be!

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  14. I could just see the ‘sneer’ on Elizabeth’s face…this was so well written and descriptive. Poor Anne has no idea how long she will have to wait before she sees Wentworth again…

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