Persuasion 200 – Anne Elliot’s First Impressions of Lyme – Jane Odiwe — 21 Comments

  1. Jane, how beautiful!. The Sea! What images that make me long for the sea and all of the sites, smells and sounds you described. Having been land locked for awhile I am ready for a trip. I could feel myself enjoying what Anne was describing. As always, wonderful writing and the pictures. Is the first one yours? Thank you so much!

    • Maggie thank you-I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Like you, I get a hankering to see the sea every now and again-even in November. The first illustration is by a largely forgotten illustrator, Phillip Gough from an old copy of Persuasion.

  2. Every time I go to the water I can hardly bring myself to come back. Would that I could live closer to the ocean than I do.

  3. What a sweet interlude and glimpse into Anne’s thoughts and feelings! Touching hearing her poignant impressions of the kind friends and romantic experiences she could have shared here with Frederick!

  4. Anne so tries to shield herself from Captain Wentworth but her heart and soul will not allow it. She can love none but him. Beautiful glimpse into Anne’s feelings and the shield around Captain Wentworth is cracking too. I love the sea and you have given us a lovely glimpse of it! Yes, I too love the pictures.

  5. How absolutely beautiful, Jane. The description of the sea from Anne’s point of view and your husband:s picture of the Cobb. The. poignancy….just amazingly written.,.and Anne’s last thought…”that she should never be happy with anyone else or love another as much”. Thank you for such a lovely chapter.

    • Thank you, Deborah, for your lovely comments-I love that photo of my husband’s and I thought it would just suit the chapter.

  6. A lovely chapter in our story….nice look inside of Anne’s mind…and we know Frederick is coming to know his own mine soon. Looking forward to seeing the William Elliot encounter through someone differents eyes..a turning point in their story…

    • Thank you, Stephanie, I feel Captain Wentworth is really struggling at this point. He wants to be in love with Louisa but I’m sure he also knows deep in his heart that he still loves Anne. Yes, I shall look forward to seeing Anne through William Elliot’s eyes!

  7. Sigh…what a lovely image. Watching the beauty of the sun setting on the water would make me want to gush my feelings out to Frederick, if I was Anne. Would he really be ready to hear it at this point, though?

    • Monica, that’s a difficult one, isn’t it? Good job they’re both being so determined not to give into their feelings completely!

  8. I do like the reference to Anne realizing that these friends and their obvious caring and close relationship with Wentworth could have been hers, also. The loss of those relationships are probably more meaningful to her because her true friends are so few and far between.

  9. Yes, Kathy, that’s a very good point-Annedoesn’t have anyone very much gunning for her, does she? Even Lady Russell is not as supportive as a true best friend would be. Thank you for stopping by!

  10. Been traveling and just now reading new posts. Your flair for so thoroughly describing scenes puts us, the readers, right there in the middle of all that’s around us.Thank you, Jane, for an excellant chapter.

  11. Jane, Lyme is so beautifully described that I can see it in my head now, imagining how it must have been like and experiencing it through Anne’s eyes. Thanks for writing this fabulous scene.

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