Persuasion 200: Anne and Wentworth Share Their Good News with the Crofts — 21 Comments

  1. What a sweet missing scene. I always felt they were a couple in love and so well suited to each other. They seem a bit surprised at the suddenness of it all, but are truly happy for Anne : Wentworth. I wonder if Sophie will ever find out that Wentworth had offered for Anne before. Thank you for such a sweet read this morning.

    • I debated about whether or not to include that Wentworth and Anne would tell them about the prior engagement. My instinct was “yes” but decided either Anne or Frederick would tell Sophie separately later. It didn’t seem to fit here.

  2. OOHH! I also think you have gotten this JUST RIGHT, Susan! I too love the Crofts and like to think of them and Anne and Fredrick together a lot enjoying each other! Thank you for this sweet little episode.

  3. Such a touching scene and perfectly conveyed not only their happiness for Wentworth and Anne, but their own happiness together all these years. It just gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Thank you!

  4. I have to say my eyes got moist in reading this. I can think of no one or any other couple, much less relative, who would be as happy for ODC. I am sure they will spend much time together and, if Anne and Frederick have children, become excellent godparents for such. This was perfect – especially in the hint of how well they spend their free time together…LOL As it should be.

    Thank you for warm happy thoughts with our frozen rain and snow outdoors here in PA.

  5. It’s fun to imagine they are a very loving couple as it is hinted they spend so much time together. It’s a natural idea that the Crofts would be godparents. I suspect all of Anne and Frederick’s children will be very spoiled by their aunt and uncle.
    I guess I shouldn’t mention it’s sunny and in the upper 50s today in Seattle. Hope you stay warm.

  6. My oldest (and a daughter) lives in Seattle so I do know how it is out there. Plus Joy Dawn King mentioned to me a few weeks ago about the daffodils blooming at her house! We are expecting more snow today into tomorrow. Reading a book on Meredith’s list – so I am happy and content.

  7. Lovely! Such a loving couple – they spread their joy everywhere. I think Anne and Frederick will be a lot like them after a lifetime together…

  8. I’ll add my appreciation for this really sweet scene. It’s nice that Anne and Frederick will have some family members that are caring and supportive, and who are also good role models for a happily married couple. Thank you!

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