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  1. Thank you, Patty-you’re very kind. Yes, the photos are of Bath-the first is at the top of Union Street as mentioned in the text, the second is Camden Place, now known as Camden Crescent on a map, the third photo shows the shops in Old Bond Street, which I think they featured in the 1995 film. Lastly, is an illustration I did of Anne and Frederick on the Gravel Walk a few years ago, and the last photo shows a view of Bath Abbey.

  2. That was the most beautiful prose I have read in a long time; it almost reads like poetry. Now I can see why so many people love Persuasion and Anne Elliot. For years I misunderstood her and didn’t think much of her. But what a difference our Austen writers have wrought! You have all done a wonderful job with this story, but this chapter totally floored me. It is so perfect and so lovely and really showcases these two characters to perfection. We all talk a great deal about Anne’s selflessness and everyone else’s selfishness, but in the past I never saw Charles as selfish, although in his way he often is. He can’t wait to turn Anne over to someone else so he can get to his gun, but his selfishness did forge a wonderful opportunity for Anne and Frederick to finally communicate their true feelings to each other, without the presence of her family or Lady Russell. This was truly sublime.

  3. Mari, you’re always so kind-thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it-do read Persuasion again-I think you will love it! It really gives us a glimpse at the writer Jane would have become.

  4. Love it! I have often thought of how her mind must have tumbled after getting that letter and feeling the impact of the very eloquent love spoken by her Captain. The eyes locking…I love that part. He really did understand! Those windows to the soul work wonders when we allow them to.

  5. Thank you, Stephanie for your very kind words. Yes, I just kept thinking how she would have hardly believed the words she was reading, and you can’t beat a smouldering ‘look’ in my book!

  6. Exquisite…what a sense of relief and fulfillment to have Anne and Captain Wentworth together again. Thank you Jane…

  7. This is a lovely, fitting end to the story. Your writing seems to fit in with the original so seamlessly… I almost felt that I was reading the original Persuasion. Perfect!

    Thank you to all who contributed to Persuasion 200 – it has been wonderful to read so many different authors and to see some of the scenes dear Jane left out.

    • Thank you, Julie, so kind of you. I’ve enjoyed reading the episodes, and it’s really challenging to think about how Jane might have approached scenes, and yet write in a style that’s our own.

  8. That was so beautiful, Jane. Finally, they will be together. I thought it so fitting that he remembered what she wore hat day a the picnic. Since guys don’t usually remember hat a woman wore, it shows just how important Anne and that day were to him. Two soul mates, together, finally.

  9. Thank you, Deborah -I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, Captain Wentworth is an exceptional young man, and Anne’s soul mate in every way!

  10. “…more exquisitely happy, perhaps, in our reunion, than when it had been first projected; more tender, more tried, more fixed in a knowledge of each other’s character, truth, and attachment; more equal to act, more justified in acting.”

    My thoughts exactly – they had to feel so much more deeply after all the trials they went through. I loved this, especially the quote from THAT LETTER.

    Well done.

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