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  1. How beautiful! I love this look into Darcy and Lizzie’s lives post marriage and it seems post children. It reminds me of why I fell in love with them in the first place.

  2. Just found this piece and I’ve still got tears in my eyes from reading it. It’s a beautiful piece of writing, possibly all the better for being the length it is. Though I wouldn’t object to reading the longer version sometime.

    I often wonder what the views of people, who grew up in Regency times, would be about the dramatic changes of the industrial and Victorian age. I love that Darcy is somewhat grumpy about them, especially the women’s fashions!

  3. Last night, we were re-watching “The King’s Speech” with Colin Firth giving his Oscar winning performance as King George V. You probably know that two other P & P 1995 alumni play minor roles in it. Jennifer Ehle plays Lionel Logue’s wife and David Bamber an unnamed theatre manager or producer.

    Having read Abigail’s piece above earlier in the day and then looking at Mr Firth and Ms Ehle as they have matured over the intervening years, I could easily picture them recreating their roles to play this short scene. I guess it will never happen but one can dream.

  4. I have pretty much given up on P&P sequels but this bit makes me think that maybe you could write one I would enjoy. I did enjoy watching a mature Mr. D looking back.

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