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  1. I think I would guess from the description of Amalia that Richard will be drawn to Elizabeth as they sound quite similar. I hope this doesn’t cause trouble between the colonel and Darcy or between Darcy and Elizabeth. I look forward to seeing more of this. Thank you for sharing Nicole.

    • It’s interesting that you thought these two ladies might be alike. 😉 Not spilling the beans yet, but I hope to have it finished soon so you can find out the rest of the story. Thanks for stopping by, Glynis!

  2. I loved, loved, loved this vignette! I can’t wait to read the rest of the story Nicole!! Something tells me we will have a beautiful love story between these 2 characters 🙂
    And Vasconcelos seems a man with conviction, I wonder how his plans will work out.

  3. Lovely story, I can’t wait to read more. I always thought that Richard Fitzwilliam was a romantic man. Keep on going!

  4. My first thought — it’s Elizabeth Bennet who meets the Colonel in the garden.

    I’m glad there’s another girl with dark, curly hair so RF won’t have to compete with D for E!

    Love your writing — I’ll be watching for the finished book.

  5. Such a lovely vignette, Nicole!! I enjoy seeing a younger Richard entranced by a Portuguese beauty–one with spirit as well as a pleasing appearance.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beginnings of this tale with us; I’m definitely looking forward to more!!

    Susanne, who really, really needs to start her homeschooling day…. 😉

    • We finished state testing a little over a week ago and I declared an end to our school year. We are embarking on a new adventure; the kids are helping me clean up and move into a new house. When I say “clean” I do not take that term lightly, so I consider this is an education of sorts for them! They are working their little hearts out. Have a good school day!

  6. Aww, how nice for Richard to meet someone who just may capture his heart! He deserves a good love story too.

    Such a lovely ending to this vignette! I enjoyed every word and your pictures too. Can’t wait for the finished book. I know it will be another excellent story by you!

  7. Interesting excerpt. Hmm. Sounds like a Spanish Elizabeth just might capture our dear Richard Fitzwilliam’s heart. Can’t wait for more about his recovery period.

  8. Oh my! I can’t wait for more! For me, I sense something under the radar by Senor Vasconcelos…I feel he is manipulating Senor Noronha. I don’t trust him! I love the photos you have given us of Amalia and the Colonel. There is a similarity between her and Elizabeth. I wonder, when he does meet Elizabeth, it will trigger memories of Amalia and/or Ruy asks for his help in rescuing her in some way. Oh yes, definitely hooked!

  9. Richard has always been a favorite of mine even though he really did not occupy much page space in canon. But JAFF authors have expanded his story so often and many have him drawn to Elizabeth, even marrying her in one book. I have read your other stories and enjoyed them so I am looking forward to this one. The discussion about tame or wild flowers is so reminiscent of Elizabeth’s view of Pemberley and the fact that it was allowed some natural growth. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I must admit that I agree with Carole in Canada and say that I too distrust Snr V and aims to hoodwink Snr N into fulfilling his dreams for wealth and power.
    He knows Richard’s family…’s probably too farfetched to say he’s an acquaintance of Wickham,but…….!
    It’s delightful to see him bewitched by this young girl,can’t wait to find out what happens next.
    Perhaps Snr V wants her for his own son,who is conspicuous by his silence!
    More mystery and intrigue,Nicole,to keep us pondering on what will befall our dear Richard.
    Loved this! Can’t wait to read the book!
    Thanks for sharing! 😌

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