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  1. That was lovely, Leslie. But I wonder what Georgiana had for Nathaniel? Thanks for telling us about this unusual Valentine’s custom. I hadn’t really appreciated that it was something that was celebrated in Regency times, either.

    P.S. I know you said this hadn’t been beta’d, but have you referred to Darcy as Eliabeth’s broter in this sentence?

    “Her brother beamed and passed the second and smaller parcel to her. “Then, you should open this as well.”

    • From what I’ve read, the keys were a custom mostly in Padua, which was why I had Nathaniel get the key there,but did make their way to other parts of Europe (Germany for one.). Nathaniel’s parents are very much a love match, so I could totally see his father buying one for his mother.

      Thanks for asking on the brother! The entire book is from Georgiana’s POV, though you see it less in this excerpt than in most of the book. I actually just wrote this yesterday and on a whim posted it. I’ll try to make it more clear when I go back and tighten it up. 🙂 Thanks, Anji!

      • Oh! And from what I’ve read Valentine’s Day was very celebrated. People bought little trinkets and sometimes finer paper than they would normally use to write love notes. I just had Darcy go overboard 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this Leslie. I can’t wait for the whole thing. I just love a romantic Darcy and his speech about Elizabeth always being his bride ❤ ….. I am left wondering what gifts Elizabeth and Georgiana would have bought or made??

    • The bride thing I got from a great couple I know. They are in their 70’s and been married for quite a while and he still calls her his bride. I’ve always thought it was so sweet and I’ve never had the chance to use it since I don’t usually write sequels. I took the opportunity when it came. Since it’s from Georgiana’s point of view and D&E leave to get E’s present, I’ll have to find a place to work that in! Thanks, Glynis!

    • I’m working on it! I know where I want it to go and have one of the big scenes written and set to the side (I haven’t had that for a while! I had those scenes written for Rain and Retribution and A Matter of Chance, but not since.). We’ll have to see how long it takes to get there! I don’t want to rush things at all. Thanks, Lynn!

  3. I love the playfulness between Lizzy and Darcy. I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for the Valentine’s info and the great sneak peak.

  4. Oh, that was so perfect for a month of love and Valentine’s Day. Both couples in love, even though we didn’t get the rest of the story. I’ll be looking forward to the next installment???

    • I didn’t want to give it all away! I also haven’t finished writing it. I actually wrote that part yesterday and on a whim, decided to post it. We’ll have to see when I can get it all sorted and written. My son had a half-day at school and decided to watch DisneyXD while I write. That is never good! Thanks, Jen!

  5. Great excerpt! I look forward to the completed manuscript. I love the key for Valentines Day. A perfect trinket! I just love old keys…my husband’s family members still lock the house they have in Michigan with a skeleton key. I’d say it’s cute but after a few break-ins I insisted there be a deadbolt for winter (and anytime I’m there lol).My husband still carries that key with him whenever he drives anywhere.

    • There are still quite a few homes with skeleton keys over here. Some have a deadbolt too, though. Our first house here was a relatively new build and had both. They are definitely fun. I loved the tradition. It’s so neat! Thanks, Lynn!

  6. Love the necklace!!! What a wonderful excerpt of Darcy’s happiness and Elizabeth’s teasing. Can’t wait for this story to be published! I’m liking this Nathaniel and thinking of Georgiana already at 14! What a lovely idea this gift of a key! I do love the antique keys! So many places to visit and so little time/money to get there! LOL!

    • Nathaniel is quite different to Darcy, but alike in many ways. I hope everyone loves him as much as I do. He’s a bit cocky and good natured, but I’ve been really enjoying him. Thanks, Carole!

  7. What a beautiful excerpt. What a lovely Valentine’s tradition of giving a key to their heart. Question for you, did they wear the key on a necklace, have the key made into their wedding band, hang the key over their bed? Thanks😍

    • There was never any mention of them wearing it or hanging it somewhere. I never found much more than a reference of the tradition. I think it was just a keepsake. When I have more time, I’ll have to dig around some more and see if I can find out. Thanks, Shelley!

    • I found the necklace on Pinterest. I was stuck between two, but this one was a bit more conservative. I could just imagine Elizabeth with some of the more Baroque or Rococo style pieces and her turning up her nose. Thanks, Deborah!

  8. That was lovely: first Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s interaction – she taught him to tease, indeed. And then the sweet gesture by Nathaniel…kept since he was 14…and he loved her since then. Now what did Georgiana bring down from her room?

    Thanks for sharing.

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