New Feature at Austen Variations, Just For You! — 43 Comments

  1. As an “ardent” reader of JAFF for the past four years or so, I would love to participate! This is a wonderful idea. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like fun! As an avid JAFF reader myself, I look forward to discovering how other readers respond to this genre.

  3. It is always exciting to hear how other JAFF readers became such ardent fans! I shall gently lay my one and only fascinator on to the table…feathers and all!

  4. I love learning about other readers. At one time Meredith offered to feature JAFF lovers on her blog and it was through that blog that I “met” Anji, Carole in Canada and Joy. I would be eager to learn more about those with whom I trade comments and recommendations. I am not on Facebook although at one time I was and got off. So I am sure I miss a lot of conversation related to JAFF or just getting to know one another. I am not volunteering to be the one interviewed just yet. But I will read and participate in other ways.

  5. Thank you everyone for dropping by! We are thrilled to see how many wish to participate. This month’s winner is Katherine Schmitt. Please send your contact information to Your host this month will be Abigail Reynolds, and she will have some special gifts for you!

    Please stop by next month and we will play again! I’m looking forward to reading Katherine’s interview <3

  6. As always, another innovative idea to reach out and connect with readers. Looking forward to this new feature! Well done.

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