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  1. Feeling pretty stumped to come up with better suggestions, but perhaps these will get the gears turning:

    *Returning Elizabeth
    *In Her Skin / In Elizabeth’s Skin
    *Awakening Elizabeth
    *Trapped in Elizabeth
    *Elizabeth & Elizabeth …
    *Ellie & Elizabeth …
    Potential subtitles: Caught Between Darcys / Dreaming of Darcy / Caught in Time / Anchored in Time / Trapped in a Dream / Dreaming Awake

    I kind of like Caught Between Darcys as a subtitle. Could be something like Elizabeth & Elizabeth: Caught Between Darcys. Or Elizabeth & Elizabeth: Dreaming of Darcy. That may be a bit of an “eye roll” in the direction of sappy, but it’s late here. My fatigue should be an excuse for too much sentiment. 😉 Haha!

    Good luck!

      • I’ve read through the rest of the comments. Lots of good suggestions. I like the Back and Forth to the Future suggestion or the Timeline Imperfection if you want to focus on the time travel aspect. Darcy seems to need mentioning, which is why I like some iteration of Caught Between Darcys. Though that should have a subtitle or be a subtitle.
        Having “journal” in the title makes me think the story will be told through diary entries and that is a bit misleading. Also, since Lydia is not the primary force of the story, I don’t think reference to her is necessary.
        Another suggestion: Pemberley Rewritten as a abortive or title needing a subtitle.

  2. I like Gianna’s suggestion of The Portrait of Lizzy but my personal suggestion is “The Pemberley Timeloop” or “Pemberley Memories”

  3. Sorry Leslie but you missed the favourite of my suggestions
    A Switch In Time
    There are so many good ones I have no idea how you are going to choose.
    If you want something to fill the title page, how about
    Ellie or Elizabeth? That is the Question
    Whatever the title I need a copy so please let me know when it’s published.
    Thank you so much for entertaining everyone all these weeks 😊 😘

    • I’m sorry! I definitely missed that one. I had started a list at the beginning, but I have no idea what I did with it. I ended up going back through and looking for them. I worried I missed something! Thanks, Glynis!

  4. “Pemberley Meetings” comes to mind. So does “That Picture of Elizabeth Darcy” or “Trappings at Pemberley” or “Dream WeaVER”

  5. There are some really great suggestions here!
    If the ones you listed, I would change Shades of Mrs. Darcy to Shades of Elizabeth (because they’re both Elizabeth)
    And Seeking Fitzwilliam Darcy to just
    Seeking Darcy or seeking Mr. Darcy.

    I like The Pemberley Journals or Journals from Pemberley.

    I also like Pemberley Timeloop, Caught in Time, Between Darcys, or Caught Between Darcys, Trapped Between Darcys. Or
    The Magic of Pemberley or even
    For Love of Lydia or For Love of Elizabeth.
    How about Pemberley’s Portal?
    Anything you choose, it was a great story!!!

  6. There’s a few of those titles that I already love.
    What about – Changing Pemberley, or The Future of Pemberley, or Darcy’s Future Past.

    However you choose – those has been an awesome read. Thank you so much for sharing and I can’t wait for it.

  7. I would not like to be the one who has to choose…
    I like the “Shades of Elizabeth”, “We Met at Pemberley” and the subtitle “Caught between Darcys”

    I suggest:
    “Crossing Elisabeth”
    “Mrs Darcy set it right”
    “The timeline imperfection”
    “Elisabeth’s commitment”
    “For Elisabeth”
    “Due to Lydia”

    Yeh , this is fun!
    Good luck

  8. Wow, so many titles! I love many, but I think Nathalie’s The Enchanted Portrait of Elizabeth Darcy might be my favorite. After all, it all started because of the portrait! 😉

  9. I like Gianna’s suggestion of The Portrait of Lizzy but my personal suggestion is “The Pemberley Timeloop” or “Pemberley Memories”

  10. I felt it should have “Falling”in the title as Ellie and Elizabeth fell every time they passed through time. (Even falling asleep is “falling”.) I also like certain words included in these variations to make searching for them easier. Therefore, my suggestions are the following (no pun intended):

    Pemberley Falling (Note:When Elizabeth died after her fall, Pemberley fell into ruin)
    Elizabeth Falling
    Falling with Elizabeth
    Falling for Elizabeth
    Falling for Darcy(Note:my first choice had been “Falling for Mr. Darcy”, however there is another book already with that title)

    And, although these don’t include falling, they highlight the sky when the falling occurred:
    Purple Clouds Over Pemberley
    Pemberley’s Purple Clouds

    Leslie – I absolutely loved this book! It was one of my favorites! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I look forward to your next.

  11. Great ideas for titles and so many that I don’t know how you are going to choose! So here’s a few more to add to the mix!

    Elizabeth & Ellie’s Excellent Adventure
    Saving Lydia
    A Twist in Time
    Storm Over Pemberley

    Yes, this was such a fun story with just enough angst! Good luck in choosing Leslie and what a fabulous prize pack! Good Luck to All!

  12. Wow… wonderful suggestions. I think I like: When Ellie Met Lizzy and Trouble with Dreams equally. I also liked the time-travel aspect suggestions. So, adding my own suggestions to the mix 😉
    The adventures of Ms Ellie (Forrester) – Time traveler (I know! copy-cat;0)
    or simply, Ellie – the time traveler or Ellie in a time warp

    Just something to help remember the title better. BUT, whatever name you pick, it is an amazing story Leslie.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I’m usually awful with titles, but here are a couple:

    Pemberley in Time
    For the Love of Darcy

    I also really loved “Elizabeth’s and Ellie’s Excellent Adventure” above!! That’s my overall favorite of all of the postings above mine because it captures the sense of fun and adventure that imbues the book as a whole.

    Thanks for this fun contest, Leslie!!

    Susanne 🙂

  14. So many good options. I think the Pemberley Journals are my favorite. I’m not too good with titles myself…Adventures of the Elizabeths…LOL Pemberley through time… Time alters time…

  15. This is a fantastic story, I am sorry it is finished! My favorite titles include:
    The Portrait of Lizzy,
    Pemberly Journals and
    Saving Lydia

    My ideas:
    Unintentional Consequences
    Lizzy’s Regrets

  16. “It Happened at Pemberley”

    “A Pemberley Adventure – Elizabeth’s Excellent Adventure”

    “Pemberley Never Disappoints – It is Full of Life’s Stories”.

  17. I like Katie’s “The Pemberley Journals”! A suggestion of my own: “Twists in Time”? Loved your story so much, Leslie! Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  18. How about Saving Pemberley? Or Saving Mr. Darcy? Or Saving Elizabeth? I like the second one, myself, but of course by saving Elizabeth they save everything else…

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