Mr Wickham’s Wanderings: Lipstick on Your Collar — 9 Comments

  1. Mr. Wickham,

    I must say your advice leaves much to be desired to a married man. What would you say if his wife broached you with this question?

  2. Mr. Wickham,
    I am shocked that you would dally with a woman who wears lipstick! A horrible French fashion, no doubt, and one that no decent English woman would indulge in!

    • There is much to be said for the company of *indecent* women too; of course, as a happily married man, I can only theorise on such scandalous points.

  3. I am so reminded of the song: Lipstick on Your Collar…told a tale on you. And what if your lady came in from the terrace with her lipstick all a smeared?

    • Mrs Wickham is always most careful with her lipstick, it is merely one of her numerous marvellous qualities!

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