Mr Wickham, Wedding Planner — 15 Comments

  1. Who knew that Wickham could have turned into this wise mentor? I hope John takes his advice – lucky Margaret!

    • I would never presume to give advice on most matters; on the fairer sex, however, I feel adequately qualified!

  2. Let’s hope he remembers to lock the library door!

    Love the metaphors of ships and racing(‘new shores to be chartered’ and ‘not challenging the post’)! Yes, sir you are more than adequately qualified to give advice on such matters. I do wonder if they will name a son after you for it!

    • In any battle, one cares for one’s fellows as one cares for oneself. The musketeers were quite correct on that!

  3. I love this, Wickham helping John Thornton getting over his for of nerves. It is hard to view Wickham as a older, still married gentleman. Thank you both for sharing this.

    • It may seem an unlikely friendship, but we all season with the passing of time, be it agreeably or not. This courtly gent known now to the young couple is always good for a bit of sauce and a little friendly support in times of need.

  4. With so many serials appearing in Austen Variations, I thought this must be a single episode in a much larger story. (I’ve enjoyed Abigail Reynolds alternate history, now published as “Conceit & Concealment,” and Cass Grafton’s “A Quest for Mr. Darcy,” so I thought I ought to find earlier episodes, so I could find out more about The Thorntons and The Hales, but I’ve concluded that this is just a one-off. It’s great to see George Wickham rehabilitated (more or less), and enjoying a long and happy marriage with Lydia.

  5. Dear George, you did have me worried for a bit there. I was afraid you were going to get Mr. Thornton in a bad way before his wedding. Oh, that would have been the old George, wouldn’t it. How dare me forget you are a changed man. Well, of sorts!

    It hurt my heart to see John in such a turmoil. His love for Margaret is so strong and he is everything she needs. He deserves her as much as she deserves him.

    I enjoyed this post. Thank you ladies/gents.

    • My dear lady, not so much changed as matured. I still have a little devil on my shoulder though, make no mistake!

      • For some reason, that does not surprise me! Maybe it is that you ‘control’ that little devil a bit better than in your less mature years! You still are quite the charmer, I think.

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