Mr. Elton meets Miss Bingley by Monica Fairview — 28 Comments

  1. Oh Monica another example of two people who truly deserve each other. I really hope they get together and save more deserving people for better things. (mainly Darcy for Elizabeth!!!) thanks for this interesting pairing 😃

    • Emma is hard to get into, June. It’s got some odd twists and turns and Emma herself is not an easy heroine to like (as JA herself acknowledges), but having read it many times now, I love it because there’s always something new to discover in it.

  2. I always thought Mrs. Elton and Miss Bingley could have been the same creature. I have no trouble envisioning her and Mr. Elton eyeing each other as marriage prizes. Ugh, that Mr. Elton finds her snobbishness attractive. Emma was so blind to his character.

  3. This was quite the entertaining meeting between two rather arrogant characters, neither of which are nearly as fine and cultured as they would have others believe. 😉

    Thank you for this bit of fun, Monica; it was the perfect way to start my day! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  4. “Vanity, vanity”…oh, if only they, each, could hear what the other was thinking. The saying about two people who deserve each other seems apt here. Thanks you for some amusement this morning.

  5. Definitely two people who deserve each other. When I saw the title I groaned. Oh no, those two will praise themselves to the heavens. LOL Really great post! It’s a touch sad when I cannot decide which is worse, the canon Mrs. Elton or the potential Mrs. Elton (nee’ Bingley). 😉

    • That made me chuckle, Stephanie! I do think canon Mrs. Elton has a certain way with words, which Miss Bingley doesn’t have, but I would imagine Miss Bingley would definitely try to lord it over Highbury society! I can imagine her snubbing Emma for never having been anywhere.

  6. Two peas in the pod! Both think too highly of themselves. They deserve one another and if married, in the end they will be like a magnet, they would repel each other. Think of all the people they could berate together and stick their upturned noses in the air. Thanks for the entertaining story.

  7. This pairing does have a certain delight to it. They are certainly two people whose opinion of their own greatness is quite elevated. However, can you imagine how the people in the congregation would fare with Mr. Elton and Caroline being responsible for nurturing and providing spiritual succor? Then again, I can’t imagine canon Mr. and Mrs. Elton ever visiting the sick or needy unless it was to gloat that they were not in a similar position. Thanks for another great, mad matchup!

  8. Monica, I’m now imagining the canon Mrs. Elton and your Miss Bingley having a cat fight over Mr. Elton. That wouldn’t be a pretty sight, would it? Thanks for putting that image into my brain!!

  9. Great combination and I don’t think Mr. Elton will care if her money is from trade! Oh I can see Anji’s vision of the cat fight!

      • Thank you for that Monica! That was really very interesting and enlightening. Unfortunately, ‘Emma’ is not my favourite and I forgot that Mrs. Elton’s family was in trade…I have read something before on the ‘slave’ aspect too.

        • I think Emma’s a hard novel to “know”, unlike P&P, which, in JA’s own words (tongue-in-cheek, of course) is light, and bright, and sparkling. Emma is much denser and is full of half-hidden clues and nuggets of information — a bit of a riddle, really. I like it for that reason.

      • That’s a fascinating article by Diana. I’d forgotten that Mrs. Elton’s family was also in trade. I’m intending to re-read Emma soon, or possibly listen to it on audio. I’ll certainly be paying closer attention to those parts now. Thanks for the link.

  10. Great story, Monica, and thanks for mentioning “my” Mrs. Elton piece! I has the dizzy feeling, while reading this, that Mr. Elton and Miss Bingley might actually have suited each other very well. And it’s got me started wondering if Emma would have preferred Miss Bingley as Mr. Elton’s wife instead of Augusta, whom she so disliked. Then there’s that image of the Miss Bingley – Mrs. Elton cat fight. Unforgettable! Great fun.

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