Mr Darcy’s Christmas Calendar – Chapter Two – Jane Odiwe — 25 Comments

  1. I am loving the story. I think I caught that it’s switching from present to past to present in the last 3 paragraphs….1:dead cell phone, 2:carriage or conveyance, 3:telephone… well as other places, or am I reading too much into this? I am looking forward to continuing to read this. I am pulled into it every time I read. Absolutely looking forward to its release.

  2. I love everything about this delightful novella and the way it switches from the present to the past and back again. The wonderful illustrations only add to the delight. Best of all I have already preordered this and it will be on my Kindle next week. Jane thank you so much for another lovely gift to your readers. It really is beginning to feel like Christmas is coming.

  3. Thank you, Mari-I’m thrilled you’re enjoying it, and so kind of you to pre-order. I hope you’ll join me on launch day!

  4. Good morning Jane, Christmas always remind me about old days, when my parent still alive, we are so excited to buy gifts to others, and the food to eat, have happy Christmas dinner and exchange gifts, I really miss the good old days, I’m sure happy to read you book, if I’m can afford to buy it, but I can print-out the story in my work place computer and the comment from others.

  5. Good morning, Linda! I have lots of lovely memories too, and I must admit, I still love Christmas just as much even if some of the wonderful people I have shared it with in the past are no longer with us.

  6. What a lovely treat, Jane, thank you for this and the previous chapter.

    The way it’s all woven together is very intriguing. Mrs. Bennet knows about telephones? They’re in Chawton, not Hertfordshire? Fictional characters mingling with real people? A mixture of all sorts of the lovely things you write so well, Jane.

    Wouldn’t it be great if all of us could have one of those Advent Calendars and meet up at the ball?

  7. Thank you, Anji-I’m so thrilled you’ve enjoyed the chapters. I really loved mixing everything up for a magical story that could only happen at Christmas. I would love us all to have a calendar and meet up at the ball!

  8. Loved all the photos. Is there a film? And where can we buy this Advent Calendar? This is all so mysterious. One must keep one’s wits about them to know if we are in the present or past. I would hate to be caught off guard and have to stay overnight without my own personal clothes or other necessities. I have to admit to having a need now to go back and re-read Chapter one to get it all clear in my mind. But thank you for this intriguing story…one cannot predict who is going to do what here!

  9. Thank you, Sheila! I made a little youtube video which is on my pinterest page –
    I’m doing some Advent calendars for the launch as prizes-though I’m not certain they’ll transport you to an alternate version of Pride and Prejudice. I know just what you mean about not having one’s necessaries, but Lizzy is only 21, and they do kit her out! I’m so pleased you can’t guess where this is going just yet!

  10. Beautiful prose and beautiful paintings to go with it! So looking forward to reading the whole story especially with the ‘handsome but obnoxious’ Mr. Williams! Recently finished your book “Project Darcy” and was completely surprised at the ending! Didn’t see that coming. Also loved your novella “Mrs. Darcy’s Diamonds”. Looking forward to Georgiana’s story!

    • Thank you, Carole, for your lovely comments about all my work-I am delighted that you’re enjoying it. Hopefully, Georgiana’s story – Miss Darcy’s Parisian Pin will be coming out in March/April.

    • Monica, thank you-this really is the most I’ve dared to include magic and fantasy. Yes, Mr Williams-I’ve been inspired lately when searching for photos of actors, and found a very nice one of James Norton for my Pinterest page – : )

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