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    • Thank you, Farida-it’s a little different than my usual, but as I love Christmas and magic and Jane Austen, I thought I’d combine all three.

  1. The chapter has me eagerly anticipating the release of the book, Jane. I can’t wait. Darcy missing from the manuscript & Jane having never heard (thought) of him…horrors!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am madly in love witht this! You have gotten this lovely novella off to a wonderful start, and I can barely wait for the next chapter to post. The only thing I like more than Jane Austen and Christmas, is a new story by Jane Odiwe. The cover is absolutely beautiful, and I am going to pop over to Amazon to see if I can pre-order it yet. What a wonderful surprise this is, and since my birthday is in early November, it will make the perfect gift from me to me. I love the idea and the execution is perfect, as always. Thank you so much for sharing, and for helping to feed my Jane Odiwe addiction. This was such a lovely surprise to find in my inbox this morning. I wakened very early this morning, and thought I would check my email and then go back to sleep. That won’t be happening now.

  3. Thank you, Mari, for your lovely comment to bring a bit of sunshine into the dull, rainy day I’m ‘enjoying’ this morning! It will probably be up for pre-order next week-I’ll keep you posted!

  4. Thank you for the update. I was just at Amazon and am glad to know that it will be available for pre-order soon. Would you believe that I hadn’t bought “Lydia Bennet’s Story” yet? I thought I had them all, but I somehow missed that one. Happily it is now on my Kindle. I read the sample that was available and it made me laugh. Lydia was never a favorite character of mine, but I think that after I read the book, I will like her a great deal more. What a lucky find. My sympathies for the rainy day; the weather forecast here is for rain all week, and if it weren’t for Lydia and the new book, I would have a very dull and annoying week myself.

    • Thank you, Mari! I do hope you enjoy it – I thought there would be opportunities to make a comic novel, even though she is so naughty, and I wanted to reform Lydia, just a little…

  5. good morning Jane, I like you name because you is as Jane Austen’s first name, I sure you will be talent as Jane Austen, I wish I can write as Jane Austen write, I try I feel like so difficult to put a word on the paper, my brain thinking too fast, my hands write too slow, I thought Jane Austen’s birthday is 12/16/1775, my birthday is 12/14/1958, so I thought if Jane Austen can write a books, so I can too, do you think I am silly.

  6. Good morning, Linda! How lovely to have a birthday so close to Jane Austen’s – no, I do not think you’re silly – it is a lovely to write, and learning how to get your words on paper comes with practise. Just keep trying, and enjoy it!

  7. Thank you Jane, I appreciated you courage me, I feel hold lot better now, how did you come out all the insight their life and living, did you research the history, and how did you discover Jane Austen’s manuscript.

  8. Linda, I’ve read as many books as I can about Jane’s life and all her novels many times. I think that’s one of the best ways to learn about writing, by reading other people’s books. My mother bought me Pride and Prejudice from the library when I was young, and I also loved watching an old black and white film of the book!

  9. Oh Jane I absolutely love it! I adore the cover, and I love the idea (how inventive!) of going back through the calendar doors! I really enjoyed reading your description of Chawton Cottage shop and sending Lizzy back straight into P&P with a missing Darcy is brilliant!

    I cannot wait to get this book as soon as it is released!

  10. Oh, Jane! This is such a delightful story 😉 .
    I love Advent calendars (we get a couple of them every year), and your idea of using them as a time-travel device is inspired!! Can’t wait to read more!

  11. What’s not to love?! I love the cover, the premise and the first chapter. You have captured Lydia so perfectly! Hmmm…I wondering about this ‘Mr. Williams’ too! What a delightful treat indeed.

    • Carole, thank you so much-I’m so glad you like the idea and the first chapter. Oh, that naughty Lydia-I channel her a bit too easily ; ) Yes, I think you’ll find Mr Williams is quite a tricky character…

  12. This first chapter has me eagerly awaiting for more! You are off to a delightful start of what I think will be another of your wonderful Pride and Prejudice variations. This one is truly a step apart from any other premise I’ve ever read for s P&P variation. I’m going to enjoy this one immensely. I can’t wait to see what role our modern day heroine plays in this drama.

  13. What a great teaser chapter, and what a great idea! I look forward to the finished product. Just finished re-reading ‘Willoughby’ – such a good story, and Austen’s Marianne is right up there with Lydia Bennet for me. They’re not my favorite ladies, but you gave both of them good, grownup endings.

    • Leslie, I loved writing Willoughby’s Return-so glad you enjoyed it. I really wanted to explore alternatives to the usual Pride and Prejudice characters though I’ve since embraced that book too. I hope you’ll enjoy my Christmas novella too.

  14. This is a fun idea, Jane! I hated to come to the end of the excerpt. I haven’t bought an advent calendar in a long time – I’m gonna keep my eye out for one like this! 😉

  15. What a unique start to your story. Look forward to your next chapter. Next time I check the Jane Austen site, I will be looking for the Advent calendar! How fantastic that would be.

  16. What a unique and inspired idea! I don’t buy Advent Calendars now that my children are adults with their own children but if this does lead to a P&P Advent Calendar (even if it is next year) I am on board to buy it. It would be so lovely to connect with this story. I had not been fond of time travel novels but with several by JAFF authors writing such and OUTLANDER I am finding I like this genre more and more. This first chapter is one that I will have to re-read, just to make sure I am oriented as to present day and the fine line in time travel. Sounds like she was gone before she opened the calendar as Mrs. Bennet had her putting clothes for the past time. Thank you and I am looking forward to reading this.

    • Thank you, Sheila-there will be a chocolate version, and I hope a paper one for prizes on launch day-I put up the chocolate one on my FB page-check it out!

      • I was on Face Book but deleted my account due to privacy issues (plus I could not keep up with all the posting and links!). So I will just have to look at these blogs. Sorry.

  17. It’s a gorgeous cover accompanied by beautiful writing of your new novella, Jane. I seem to recall that I may have read this chapter on your blog several years ago. Do correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, I cannot wait to read another excerpt and then your published work.

    • Thank you, Sylvia! Yes, this has been an epic tale in the making-I’ve been trying to finish it for a few years and now I have!

  18. I am also wondering if there really is a P&P Advent Calendar that I can purchase! What a great idea, and I really enjoyed this first chapter. It occurs to me that if I realized I was in the book with Lydia Bennet I would have a hard time resisting the urge to shake some sense in her! (“See that guy, Wickham? STAY AWAY!!”)

  19. Kathy, I’ve had some made for my launch on November 4th, and I hope to put some up if anyone wants to buy them. Yes, it’s an interesting thought about Wickham, but it seems he might be a changed character in this version … or is he?

  20. I absolutely love this so far. It brings back memories of my Christmas excitement as a child that has faded significantly. I look forward to the upcoming chapters and the release of your advent calendar to tie me over until I can make my trek to Chawton 🙂

  21. Thank you, Lauren – I still get very excited about Christmas, and I’ve loved trying to capture that feeling in this book. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. Dear Jane,
    I checked my emails at 1am and found this gem of yours. Hopefully it will be launched in Canada on that same date Nov 4th. I adore anything Jane! What great writing and a well thought out hook! I have never read any of your books but through JASNA I have discovered you! My fellow Janeites and I meet in three days to embroider our first reticlue and we will be discussing your first chapter. I’ll suggest we all write down how we think your Christmas book will end and see who comes closest to guessing it right.
    Your rain arrives here by morning but I managed to plant all my tulips today as the weather forecast calls for snow by Wednesday. Wish I had your book to read by the warm fire.
    Mrs. Irena

  23. Thank you, Mrs Irena, I am so touched by your lovely comments, and so pleased you enjoyed the excerpt. The book will be launched in Canada through Amazon and Barnes and Noble on the same date. I hope you have a lovely time finishing off those reticules-they sound much like the one my heroine Lizzy has to go to a ball!

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  25. I’ve read this particular excerpt several times. I have enjoyed usurping Lizzy’s journey. I cannot cannot wait for the novella to come out. In fact an advent calendar to try & slow my feverish ways. Perhaps I’ll be able to read the book slowly, instead of losing myself in it for several long hours & then roam around like a lost puppy …. sad.
    I cannot wait!!!!! Thanks again my dearest Jane!

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  27. What a wonderful beginning! I can’t wait to read what happens next!
    I love the idea of the story so far, you could do so much with that type of story line, and being an avid fan, I know you will! LOL
    Thank you for the peek!

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