Mr. Collins’s Cucumber by Mary Simonsen — 17 Comments

  1. I was reading this on the train on my commute this morning and couldn’t help having a chuckle at it. Got a strange look from the person sitting opposite!

    • One of my favorite novels is Walking Across Egypt. I was on an airplane, and the person next to me kept laughing out loud. I asked her what she was reading. Laughter is contagious.

  2. I was ROFL when I read this chapter and copied and sent parts to ALL my girlfriends as I thought I had to share the hilarity! Just too, too much! And to think that Elizabeth and Charlotte “GOT IT” also, knowing the day and age they lived in!…now thinking about Lady C. eating the cucumber (Oh, you didn’t include that part)… mind is really in the gutter. (This from a grandmother…not dead yet!)

  3. I’ve read this chapter a several times before, and it still makes me break out in fits of laughter. Who knew Charlotte had such a sense of humor? I guess she’d have to in order to live with him.

  4. I always think, “Poor Charlotte!!” when I consider her marriage. Thank goodness she was able to see the absurdity and humor in her husband or things for her would really be terrible!

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