Mr. Collins Arrives at Longbourn by Mary Simonsen — 17 Comments

  1. Collins is always such a fool. The third story in the Pemberley Series, sounds really interesting. Darcy will have a captive audience with Elizabeth and the Gardiners. Brilliant second chance.

    • Alistair Cooke once described Mr. Collins as “the biggest fool in English Literature.” I agree. Hope to see you here on Friday.

  2. That was a fun scene between the sisters. I liked that Jane expressed her true feelings instead of her always kind yet unrealistic remarks. Congrats on the new story. I look forward to reading it!

    • Hi Leigh. I agree. I like it when Jane is less than perfect. It would be hard to swallow all of Mr. Collins’s absurdities. See you back her on Friday. Thanks.

  3. I love your stories Mary. Are you thinking of doing another time travel novel. My favourite book is Becoming Elizabeth Darcy – how I wish time travel really did exist!! Thank you for another short story and look forward to reading your new series of books.

    • Thanks so much, Michelle, for your kind compliments. Becoming Elizabeth Darcy is one of my favorites. It’s the only way a woman could get close to Mr. Darcy, but that assures Elizabeth and Darcy remain our most beloved couple. Of lat, short stories are all that I can manage, but who knows. A novel may be buried deep inside me.

    • Nicole, I love you! Thanks for reading Patrick. Murder by Moonlighting will go live next week. I had issues with the Amazon previewer on my dashboard, and that delayed the release.

  4. This was an interesting look at Collins’ arrival–and its implications. I quite enjoyed it.

    Congratulations on the release of your novella and the next mystery novel; The Patrick O’Shea series is on my Wish List! 🙂

    Thank you so much for writing for us!

    Susanne 🙂

  5. Looking forward to both. Hoping Patrick’s love life improves in the next book. I do agree that Collins must be the biggest fool in English literature. Although I am now reading one online in which he is not only wise, insightful, and cunning but also handsome – what a turn around. I don’t know if any other author has used that premise but I am enjoying this one.

    • Patrick and Maureen do meet again. Personally, I wouldn’t fool with Mr. Collins. He’s a wonderful buffoon. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I love Jane and Elizabeth’s conversation – and Jane has a sense of humor after all! No wonder they were so close!

    Looking forward to the new Darcy and Elizabeth book! Any chance of Antony and Eleanor making an appearance?

    • Hi Kathy. I love writing sister dialog b/c I have 5 sisters! Sorry, No Anthony and Eleanor. They really deserve their own book. Answered Prayers is now up on Amazon Kindle. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Sorry, Mary. I thought I had commented. I love the interaction between Lizzie & Jane. Collins has always been and will forever be a fool. Loved this missing scene. Congrats on your 2 new releases!

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