Mr. Bingley Returns Mr. Bennet’s Call by Mary Simonsen — 15 Comments

  1. I love reading this, and it really makes my day every time Imsee a new one. It is witty and humorous and never fails to make me smile. This would be so much fun to read as a full length novel if you had the time, hint hint. Sadly I cannot buy the two novels that are on sale because I bought and thoroughly enjoyed them both last summer. Thanks for another humorous look at Mister Bennet. More please!

    • Thanks, Mari. So glad you enjoy my writing. I do try to keep it light. There are so many things to weigh you down. It’s nice to start the day off with a smile. Thanks for buying my books. I really enjoy writing time-travel stories. Not my best sellers, but they are fun to write.

  2. I loved this. You brought Mr. Bingley’s predicament to light. All those fathers, mothers and uncles trying to ‘sell off’ their daughters and nieces….Mr. Bennet’s not saying much is a very good tactic. It’s good Bingley didn’t run into Mrs. Bennet right away. It may have been the worst turn off of all. Loved this missing scene, Mary.

    • Thank you, Deborah. I think of Mr. Bennet as the benevolent master sitting in his study pulling strings. Unfortunately, not all the strings go where they should, but it does make for a delightful character.

      • I always like it when Bennet is being as manipulative as his wife, just more subtle by a long shot! I dislike when his persona is given out as actively selfish in his solitude and lack of effort, as opposed to simply a man dealing with his situation in a quiet, private manner. (My ideal papa Bennet has a bit more money put aside for his girls too, a small amount invested with Uncle G when each girl was young that will have grown to a respectable but not amazing addition to what everyone thinks they know about the family’s financial affairs!)

  3. That was a delightful account of the visit between Mr. Bingley and Mr. Bennet. You captured Mr. Bennet’s wit perfectly and gave him a bit more amiability at the same time.

  4. Loved this excerpt. Just as I would imagine as parents attempt to “sell” visitors on their daughters’ accomplishments. Caroline would be remarking on the lack of such or how poorly the list was attended to.

    I did buy and read both of those books. AND enjoyed them. I am sure others will enjoy your generosity.

    Thank you for this morning’s extra to P&P.

    • The funny thing is Caroline is doing for herself what Mr. Bennet is doing for his daughters. A young woman needed a husband, whether she was rich, poor, or of the middling sort. It does make you wonder what life had in store for someone so mean-spirited as Caroline. So glad you enjoyed my time-travel books. I really enjoyed writing them.

  5. Loved this vignette!!! Such a relief for Mr. Bingley to visit with Mr. Bennet–and his hat tip to the upper window was priceless! 🙂

    Thanks for writing for us! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  6. I have loved it! How Mr Bennet teases and how Mr Bingley warns about Mr Darcy.
    Obviously, it’s important how he immediately falls in love with Jane <3
    Every word is worth reading!

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