Movies in May: Music and Film, Pride and Prejudice 1995 — 15 Comments

  1. This mini-series, borrowed on VHS from my cousin several years ago, was my first exposure to Jane Austen. I have since become what I would call a die hard fan. I watch for her influence in both books and movies. She was a great talent.

  2. I have always wondered about the music in these movies, which songs were original and which were actual period pieces. I will look for this piano music. I have the music for the 2005 P&P but with skill like Elizabeth’s I just plunk at it. Thanks for all the research.

    • I love the country dance at the Netherfield ball and have wondered what it was for years! I was finally able to find it (including piano music and string quartet). I play both the violin and piano (not to the level of an “accomplishment” I fear, but I can play a tune for friends- hopefully without an affected manner and conceited appearance!!

  3. I too ‘found’ Jane Austen based on the 1995 P&P series and haven’t looked back since! I watch it at least once year. Thank you for this insightful piece on the music. I was familiar with some of the pieces as my husband is a huge aficionado of classical music and we regularly have our music playing. The only claim to music I have, other than the enjoyment of listening, was playing the clarinet and saxophone when I was grade school/jr. high and singing in our grade school musical.

  4. I can’t wait for this month! P&P in 3 variations are my go to movies all the time. My husband can not comprehend how I can watch them over and over.
    Thank you for the music lesson today.

    • My husband doesn’t “get it” either!! Fortunately we have two TVs and DVD players. We come together on Dr. Who, though!! 😀

  5. what are some of the other pieces of music played in pride and prejudice,i know one is schberts 5th symphony which i have,and there is another piece i have by beethoven and mozarts turkish march,i do have 15 copies of the 6 volume vhs i am a collector and watch them all,including 6 dvds of the 1995 version,the only version i have not located is the one from the late 60s on masterpiece theater,if anyone can name other pieces from the moie please let me know,lizzy sings the marriage of figaro opera piece voi sapete thanks sharon

  6. i am a big fan of jane austen and have all her film and tv ersions but i am looking for the music to northanger abbey with peter firth from the 80s, i have many versions of all jane austen movies and thousands of classical music if someone is looking for a certain piece let me know i also have 5 cds from the music soundtrack of the pand p 1995 version sharon

  7. I love all of the music that was either composed or chosen for P&P 1995. So much so that I have the opening theme as a ringtone on my mobile phone. I also have the Doctor Who theme, but that’s another story!

    There may not be a section on Music in The Making Of book, but there is one about the dancing. That was where I first came across the title of the piece for Darcy and Elizabeth’s dance at the Netherfield Ball. I did smile when I saw “Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot” on the printed page. From what I remember it saying, a Maggot is a type of dance in this case rather than a squiggly, squirmy insect lava. That piece was also used in one of the dancing scenes in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Emma from around the same time but I seem to remember that it was played a little more upbeat and lively.

    Thanks for sharing such fascinating info with us. I’m very much looking forward to reading more about some of the other dramatisations of Jane Austen’s works.

  8. Yes, as said above I “discovered” P&P with the 1995 movie and fell in love with all things Jane. I do have a CD of the music from the 2005 movie but never came across one for the 1995 movie. I have no musical training but can appreciate music even in the background as I read.

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