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  1. Wonderful thanks Kara. Love your passage and now I really look foward to watching ‘Love and Friendship’. It sounds like a good laugh. I was exactly like you started to read ‘Lady Susan’ but it didn’t hold my interest. I hope to have more patience with it once I watch the movie. Whenever it arrives Down under that is. Any new books in the wings? I always enjoy your stories 🙂

    • Thanks, Vee! I hope you get to see it soon. As for you question about any new book, I hope to publish “A Peculiar Engagement” in the next few months. It is complete and being edited (I changed and added to it a great deal from what I posted here), but I am also writing a ‘bonus’ chapter to be included. It will have the ending for Anne according to the events in “Mr. Darcy’s Rival.” I am still working on that chapter. The book will only be a novella, and while I hadn’t intended to publish it, several people have asked if I would. I’ve also seen several people inquire about novels centering on Anne de Bourgh, so I decided to go ahead and publish it. Not sure when it will be ready, though. Thanks for asking!

  2. I saw it and liked it very much. It has been a while since I have read Lady Susan, but I do recall I did not like it very much at the time. I am considering a re-read. You have to appreciate someone being able to write a script out of a book that is made up of letters. The movie was well cast and costumes and sets were lovely. It was also very funny, which surprised me. Austen’s humor is often lost in adaptations, and here it definitely was not. Thumbs up from me also.

    • I thought the screenplay was done quite well, considering he only had letters to use. I’m glad you also enjoyed it. Thanks, Kristine!

  3. I’ll have to corral some JA fans and go to the cinema. Thanks!
    I gave “P&P and Zombies” a miss. I read the book and thought it was just plain stupid.
    Jane gave us plenty of wit. Why need it be ruined by zombies?

    • I haven’t seen P&P&Z yet, but I think I will give it a try now that it is out. I had no desire to see it, but now I’m just curious. Once will probably be enough. 🙂 But you must go see this one, Gwen!

  4. Great review and I so want to see this movie! My husband said he would go if Kate wore leather as she did ‘Underworld’! L0L! But he did enjoy P&P&Z with me! However, it doesn’t look like it’s playing near me so may have to wait to buy the DVD and add to my collection!

    • If you look at my comment above yours, Carole, you’ll see I haven’t seen P&P&Z, but I think I will give it a try. I have no idea if I’ll like it. But I’m sure you will like this one!

  5. I saw this with Claudine in NYC and we both loved it. Laughing through out most of it. Kate did an excellent job with her role.

    • I think one reason this film is enjoyable is because of Kate’s portrayal and acting. She did do an excellent job! Thanks, Sheila!

  6. Kara,
    Wonderful review of the film! I agree that Kate B. did a marvelous job with the role, and I loved Xavier as Reginald too ;). IMO, Tom Bennett stole the show several times. His arrival at Churchill (aka “Church” & “Hill” LOL) was one of the best scenes of the year for me!

  7. I really enjoyed the film! Kate did an amazing job as Lady Susan and she kept me laughing throughout the movie. Chloe did a great job as well. I agree Xavier would’ve been a great Mr. Darcy with that penetrating stare.

    • I think Kate made the movie (character) engaging to watch. I know this is a movie I will watch again and again. Thanks, Lauren.

  8. The wife and I saw it last night and thought it wonderful. Was it 100% Austen? No. Did the changes hurt the film? No. In fact, it made it funnier! Kate Beckinsale was exactly the beautiful, charming psychopath Austen created. The supporting cast was great.

  9. I’ve always enjoyed Austen’s novels (except Mansfield Park), but when I discovered Lady Susan, I found it an eye-opener. Unlike you, I loved the book. I adapted it into a play myself (in 2008). You don’t have to tell me how hard that was to convert the novelette into a script! I even asked a local playwright for advice; all he said was it would be difficult. So I have understood all the missteps between this movie being first announced and it FINALLY making it to the screen almost a decade later. IMHO they used those 10 years well – the movie is a triumph. Loved it, loved it. loved it!
    Note: I don’t know if the early reports of a Lady Susan movie being planned or cast involved the same people who ended up doing this and who started shooting it in 2013. However I believe I was hearing rumblings about this movie before 2007.

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