Movies in May: Grab some popcorn and watch Mansfield Park with me! Part 3 — 6 Comments

  1. I am very much enjoying this. It is smoothly written and full of information about the Regency church I have been wondering about. Mansfield Park is my favorite of Austen’s novels. Iikbnow this is a film and not Austen’s novel but I am enjoying these posts as if it were the book.

  2. I haven’t had time to watch this film; I’ve been positively buried beneath reams of final research papers and discussing Hamlet in my online literary analysis class; I have about 150 posts to comment on today.

    But as soon as the school year ends, I will be thrilled to watch this film version. I have yet to find a film of Mansfield Park that captures Fanny’s true character, so I am hoping that this one shall. MP is my favorite of Austen’s novels as I identify with Fanny so much personality-wise.

    Thanks for leading this discussion and for the amazing detail of your posts. I think a re-reading of MP is also in order. 😉

    Susanne, who will be putting in an eight-hour day at Starbucks, wading through all of those lovely Hamlet posts….

  3. Maria, the level of detail and information you are providing is fascinating! I did wonder why Fanny was left alone but remembered that she was sent back home. I remember playing Blinds Man Bluff as a child. Thank you for breaking it all down! Look forward to your commentary next week!

  4. “A lady’s napkin belonged in her lap, a gentleman’s tucked in his collar.” Interesting detail as I always tuck my napkin in my collar and say “if Hercule Poirot does it I can do it!”. Now I know it is not proper for a lady. Lol
    Thank you for your comments. I’m learning so much about the era.

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