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  1. One of my favorite Austen movie pieces of music is the Italian Aria from the 1995 version of “Persuasion.” It’s a very beautiful and poignant love song. The aria was composed by Jeffrey Sams, and although I’ve been able to find the text with translation and a simplified piano version of the aria, I’ve never been able to find a piano/vocal score. It may be time to dust off my ear training and transcription skills.

  2. The 2009 soundtrack to Emma by Samuel Sim is lovely.

    Though not strictly Austen, I adore the Miss Austen Regrets by Jenny Muskett. I’m a pianist so very close attention to soundtracks.

  3. I would like to nominate the score of the 1940 version of P and P. So cleverly done, with happy little themes for each household. It makes me giggle just to recall the music played for Lady Cat and Mr. Collins.

    • I’ll have to download that soundtrack. I did listen to a few pieces while preparing this post, but like I said above, I’m not as familiar with it. I think because my mom had the soundtracks to the older Emma and S&S so I remember listening to those a lot as a teenager.

  4. My favorite score is from the 2005 P&P movie adaptation. It is my go to music especially when I am sad or depressed. For a short time it will lift my depression and make me feel happy for a while. I also adore the music from Persuasion 2007 and the 1995 version.

  5. The score from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice is my go to music to relax. The opening music and then having the characters play pieces of it throught the movie, either well or not so well, cares the tune throughout. I love it!

    • I do like how the composer used his own music in the same kind of theme for both Mary to play and the dancing at the Meryton Assembly. Even though it’s not period accurate, it makes the whole score very cohesive, in my view.

  6. While, I like the 1995 P&P movie better than the 2005, it was too short. The music from the 2005 is my favorite. My piano skills are up there with Lizzie Bennet but I did buy the music. My grandson now plays it, his skills are better than mine, and I love to listen to it at anytime.

    • I agree- I think they left too much out of the ’05 version, though I understand why. But the music is really gorgeous. I’ll have to look into buying the piano music to play myself!

      • I had to go online to find the piano music and it took awhile to find it. But it is worth it. It also was a little beyond me but I tried anyway.

  7. Oh my gosh! My weekend is gone – I must watch all these movies again! The music has transported me! Thanks for this.

    • Isn’t it true??? As soon as I hear them, I want to go watch! Actually, I was just listening to the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack and now want to watch that one. The struggle is real.

  8. I am not musical. If something stays with me, it’s because it really touched me. I found that to be true of Emma Thompson’s S&S. Loved it.

  9. Beautiful Music! And I DO have the piano music and piano reductions for most of these. I LOVE it! In “Darcy’s Melody,” the book that I am forever writing, (currently in edit mode)Lizzy sings. I had such a great time looking for songs that might have been sung during Jane Austen’s time. I actually recorded a few and put them up on YouTube, just for fun. Thanks for sharing. I loved this post. Jen Red ♫

  10. While I prefer the 1995 P&P, I love the soundtrack to the 2005 version. I listen to it when I want calm around me (frequently of long flights to kerp the other noises at bay). However my wake up alarm on my phone is the 1995 theme. Always wake up with the image of Darcy and Bingley racing across the countryside.

  11. I wish I had bought the 1995 movie soundtrack years ago but never did. I do so love it! I will have to watch the other movies to remember their musical scores!

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