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  1. I just can’t get enough JAFF and regency novels. I guess I could re-read al of the Jane Austen books all over again!

  2. What I love best about Regency novels is the characters. As a student of psychology, the people who populate the novels remind me of people in my actual world. I find it fascinating to see how the world has changed, but people are essentially the same.

    • As an author that fascinates me, too, Debra. The challenge is always to find a way to show their “human” side while at the same time depicting their behavior in their own context.

  3. WhT I like best ? The manners, the expectation of civilness . They pull me into a world that makes mine less stressful.

    I stated reading Jane , Louisa, Emily when I was much younger . I still read and enjoy my JFF and regencies ( Heyer and courtland still rock) .

    Live the chance yo run a copy.
    Btw, loved your excerpt !!

  4. Like the other comments, I appreciate the manners and importance of propriety. They had so few distractions (TV, video games, iPods) that personal relationships were cultivated and cared for.

    I am excited to read this, Monica. Well done!

    • Sigh. Tell me about it — so hard to get my daughter to stay away from her mobile! I sometime wonder if personal relationships will even exist in the near future. Thank you for you encouraging words, Joy!

  5. I just love reading about the Regency period. The courtships can be so unconventional according to the standards, and most of the heroines are very strong and intriguing. Thank you for the giveaway!

    • You know that’s what started me out wanting to write Regency, Eva. I loved Georgette Heyer’s strong heroines and then when I began to read other authors I realized what a fun genre it was from that perspective.

  6. I like the proper manners of the Regency period, as well as the courtship. Love the ladies’ dresses, too! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Pam — which ones, the ones that were see-through or the later ones? Just teasing. I love them, too. I love how they grew shorter until they were revealing a tantalizing glimpse of the ankles.

  7. This was a delight to read. It was so exciting, and darn it, I am finished reading it. This will be going on my list. It’s worth $2.99 for this story alone. I enjoy Regency novels because I am addicted to Austen variations, and I do like how formal and polite everyone was, and the emphasis on manners. Even though it was a ritual, it is preferable to the way people behave today! Also love the descriptions of hair, clothes, and jewelry. It is fun to read about things so different from our lives today. I think I am happier living now, but it is fun to travel through time in a good book. Also, there generally isn’t a lot of sex or any at all, in many regency novels, which I appreciate. I had my fill of reading explicit novels in high school, and with the emphasis in modern books and films on sex, sex, and more sex, it’s nice to take a trip into a different time, and to enjoy a comedy of manners.

    • Thank you for saying so, Mari!!
      As several people have said, civility and manners are something we all appreciate and need on many levels. Good point about the ritualistic nature of the courtship. Like the dancing, it was elegant and certainly added a certain beauty to the romance.

  8. Reading regency is an escape from the modern to a time when so many interesting things were happening in the world…so much was beginning to change. To me it feels like a pivotal time period, and there is a sense of excitement in that.

    • Absolutely, Eileen. So many changes happening: the move from a rural to an urban society, the last great hurrah of the landed gentry before the middle class explosion, for women a moment of freedom (in clothing at least) before being corsetted and tied up by the Victorians, etc. A very dynamic time, really.

  9. First of all I want to say that I love your work. I enjoy Regency novels because I am addicted to Austen variations mostly Pride and prejudice ones. I also enjoy the chivalry and the style of dress in this era. Thanks for this opportunity

  10. I enjoy regency novels because of the history and social mores of the times I especially love the JAFF but appreciate the diversion of the genre as an escape from our fast paced world.

    • Theresa — time must have been so much slower in the Regency period! It’s amazing to try and capture that feeling. I often wonder how I would feel deprived of all the stimuli of modern life.

  11. Ah yes, the headstrong obstinate girl, my particular favorite. =D I got all excited when I found a hard cover copy of An Improper Suitor some time back. Regency novels still have the manners that we have forgotten. And the men are so very…manly. LOL

  12. It appears that none of the five books are P&P related regardless of who the authors are. I wish this had been made clearer in the article.

  13. What I like best about regency novels is the way people was gallant and respectful.

    Thanks for the chance to win this set.

  14. I think that this excerpt has peaked my interest very much, and I want more! As far as why I enjoy this era, I do escape into it to get a break from our weird, unsettling times! Their time may have had just as many problems than ours, but the novels usually give us a wonderful HEA, solving everything in sight! Thanks

    • Nothing like a little escape into a different world, is there, Evelyn? Of course we all know there were lots of problems in the Regency era, too, but generally life was simpler.
      Glad you enjoyed the extract!

  15. I like to be taken away to a different time and place. Along with many others who have already commented, I like the manners and respectful interactions. I also like descriptions of the homes, the food, the furniture, the clothing, and other aspects of the time period.

  16. I read this book not too long ago; I found it through my library system. 🙂 But I would looove to re-read it and to read the others in the series.

    I love learning more about this fascinating time in history through Regency novels. The societal rules, the clothing, the food and tea, the candlelight….

    I love losing myself in another time, one that seems simpler than ours at present…but most likely was not simple at all.

    Thanks for posting!! 🙂

  17. For me, reading Regency novels is a trip back in time. An adventure, if you will. I really enjoy taking time away from the 21st Century when reading a Regency novel. It’s a great way to have a vacation while at home. A chance to leave the casual behind and step into a more formal time. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    • I do like the time travel idea, too, Laura. I’m hoping to do a time travel Austen Variation soon — sigh! If there were more hours in the day and I had as much energy as the energizer bunny…

  18. Oh, such suspense Monica! I definitely would love to know what happened next. Is the lady injured or worse sustain a mortal blow to her head? Thanks for offering the giveaway too.

  19. It may seem silly but I love when the horses have powerful names in these stories. Obviously the excerpt is great too!!

  20. I love the idea of the Regency period, the formality, manners etc but probably wouldn’t want to live there. Too fond of indoor plumbing and 21st century healthcare, I suppose. I’d love to visit though, to see if everything really was as proper as we’re led to believe. At least in those times, people would actually talk to each other more and actually entertain each other as well, with music or reading aloud. The fashions of the period are also rather appealing compared with what came before or after. The thought of being virtually suffocated by tightly laced corsets in the Victorian era is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Love the gentlemen’s cravats, too!

  21. Hi Monica, that was such an exciting excerpt! I have just been trying to puzzle out why I like Regency romances so much… I think it’s because it seems an accessible period in history, more enjoyable than the Victorian period which has a bit of a restrained and dreary reputation and earlier periods seem quite cut-throat by comparison. I know it’s just a veneer of manners over the barbarity, but the veneer is there! Also there was some sort of structure to society, laws, the possibility of fairness. I like the restraint of the ‘gentleman’ in those times, it helps build a bit of suspense. Thanks for the question, I had a nebulous feeling regarding why I liked Regency, but I hadn’t tried to capture the feeling before!

    • Thanks Ceri. Isn’t it strange how we take some things for granted? As you say, perhaps it was a veneer, but the gentlemanly code does have its appeal. And there is something very appealing about a gentleman (like Darcy) being forced to retrain his passion — it makes for a lot of feelings simmering under the surface!

  22. For me it started with our dear Jane and continues with all things regency. I love loosing myself in the period. Wonderful excerpt. Thank you for the giveaway! Congratulations!

  23. I love how a gentleman would court a lady. There so much more meaning to the slightest touches, stolen glances, letters. Not to mention men in regency attire.

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