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  1. Oops, I hit the post comment button by mistake trying to move a bit of fluff off the screen!

    Whò are the two women associated with Darcy’s friend? What will the Darcys think if Mŕs. Bennet succeeds with her plan? I expect she will otherwise Mr. Bennet will know no peace. His luggage will most likely consist mainly of books! Hope the house has a good library.

  2. Anji, there is a little mystery with the neighbours-all will be revealed in the next few installments! Mrs Bennet is on a mission, and you know what she’s like- I think Mr Bennet will soon lose himself in some of the circulating libraries in Bath!

  3. Interesting. Kitty, I believe, is right to be worried about her mother’s machinations. I like the play on Watt. What? That had me chuckling. 🙂 The poor Darcys. They can’t go on vacation without Mrs. Bennet getting involved and somehow, I fear, Aunt Catherine and Anne will show up. A mystery in the making with James Audley and the two women….and will he try to play with Geogiana’s heart strings? I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for a lovely chapter this morning.

  4. Thank you, Deborah-yes, just when the Darcy’s think they’ve escaped their families, they will have a bit of a shock! Is James Audley a man to be trusted? – Only time will tell!

  5. I do like a good mystery, and if Mrs. Bennet is added to the mix, it should make for some wonderful reading. I love that little miniature of Georgiana, because she looks like such a sweet girl, and it is easy to picture her that way. Whenever I see her name, I will remember the picture, just as whenever I see or hear Elizabeth’s name, I always see Jennifer Ehle. Darcy’s name always brings Colin Firth to mind, and whenever I see the name Jane Odiwe, I always smile in anticipation, because I know I am moments away from being swept into a wonderful universe that always feels incredibly real. I am thoroughly enjoying this story and trying to figure out where it is going. Needless to say, I am loving every word, and eager for the next installment. I am always thrilled that our much loved characters have a life beyond P&P. We know that they have a happily ever after, but it is even better that we get to read about it, and share some new adventures with them. I agree with Deborah that Lady Catherine is bound to show up and aggravation. If she and Mrs. Bennet are thrown together, it will be hilarious, although Elizabeth and Darcy may not think so!

  6. Thank you, Mari-I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying it. Yes, you are absolutely right-there’s trouble on the way in lots of ways, though of course, I can absolutely guarantee a very happy ending!

  7. Well, it sounds to me like the Darcys are in for some company. Gee, I wouldn’t mind going to Bath. Jen

  8. I love the air of mystery about the neighbors…I wonder if the younger woman is the man’s sister and she has a friend staying with her…which would leave the young man free to pursue Georgiana.

    And poor Lizzy and Darcy…to just get the Bennets out of their hair at Pemberley and to now have them arrive in Bath. Sigh…that will be a challenge!

    Such a lovely story–thank you for sharing it with us!! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  9. Thank you, Susanne-my lips are sealed for the time being on the neighbours!
    Yes, poor Lizzy and Darcy- thank you for all your kind comments!

  10. Great installment! So many new directions for this to go. I think the Darcys will not get the quiet vacation they were hoping for. Perhaps they will wish they had gone to London after all. It might be more peaceful there

  11. Tobin, I’m sure you’re right-London would have been a much better bet! Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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  13. I’m having a delightful moment imagining Mrs Bennet eating her best bonnet, wondering how to get about it, complaining about the waste of lace and ribbons and possibly feathers, with an upset and decided Kitty by her side saying, “well, you said I would be married in a month and I am not! And what’s more, there is this disappointment over Mr Spillburk, and if you don’t eat that bonnet right away, I shall not know what do do with myself. Maybe I’ll die of a broken heart or of consumption and you shall be very sorry for it, knowing it is your own doing!”

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