Miss Darcy’s Parisian Pin – Chapter Five – Jane Odiwe — 7 Comments

  1. I have been waiting for Mlle. Dufort to reveal herself and she has certainly done it in one venomous swoop. Of all the nasty things to do to poor Georgiana, this is the absolute worst! Of course we all know there is more to the story than what Mllle. said, but it will take some time for the truth to filter back to Georgiana. I think the servants may be very helpful in bringing some reality to the situation. We all know how much they liked to talk about their respective situations and their “families”. Because the Darcys are so loved by their servants, if they even smell a hint of a plot, I think they will certainly tell someone in the family. What a shame for Mlle.Viper to try and muddy the waters, and make things so unhappy for Georgie. I haven’t decided if, like Miss Bingley, it is a personal matter to come between the couple, or if she is helping the Audleys. Decisions decisions! Isn’t it interesting that we are always caution to credit good news, but give full credence to gossip and lies? Also, what is it with Miss Audley always wearing white?! Is she trying to appear more innocent than she is? Oh Jane, there is so much to think about here. As always, I can hardly wait for the next chapter and/or the next book to appear.

    • Thank you, Mari for your very thoughtful comments-I’m so sorry to be so late with a reply, but I’m in Alton this week at the Jane Austen Regency week-back to normal next week!

  2. Poor Georgiana!!! I wonder what is really going on now that these mysterious circumstances have emerged. I am greatly looking forward to the next installment!!

    I am so enjoying your story here, and I have recently ordered Mrs. Darcy’s Diamonds so that I can get “filled in” on the back story.

    Thank you for writing and posting for us!! Have a delightful week!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Thank you, Susanne for your kind comments-so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply-I’m at the Jane Austen Regency Week in Alton, and not able to get to my computer often!

  3. Poor Georgiana indeed! I am sure it was done with intent to hurt her, but maybe ‘Lady Viper’, as Mari has aptly named, knows that Anton wants out or he has been trapped into it? Can’t wait for this book to come out! Thank Jane!

  4. Poor Georgiana; to hear this unfortunate news in such a public setting. What does Mademoiselle Emmeline have up her sleeve. Does she want Antoine for herself? Is this supposed engagement anything like Darcy’s was to Anne? I think Darcy will be livid when he finds this information out. Lizzy may have to reason with him. I am eagerly anticipating the release of this book.

  5. I, on the other hand, think there was no malicious intent on Mademoiselle Dufort’s side. How could she know anything about Georgiana and Antoine? I think it was an accidental revelation.
    I have to admit I don’t remember the details from Mrs. Darcy’s Diamonds (I just know I loved it) and so I don’t remember my impressions of Antoine. However, perhaps Georgiana will end up with Mr. Audley:))
    Do we get some more chapters? Can’t wait for the book to be published! Thanks.

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