March Madness: Lady Catherine meets Mrs. Elton — 25 Comments

  1. And I would bet they would not like recieving Lady Catherine. I’m imagining the first dinner that they have with Lady Catherine as their guest….poor Emma.

  2. Thanks for this! Lady C. is just the one to put Mrs. Elton in her place. I knew we would be hearing about the Sucklings at Maple Grove. 🙂 Do we get a second installment when they are moved to Hartfield? I can imagine the clashes there too!

    • Thanks, Maureen, I am wanting to write about Lady C. at Hartfield, too. Maybe I should, even if March Madness is over!

  3. Such fun, Diana! “by your disarray you look no better than you should be” — wonderful. Have you written about what happens next, at Hartfield? I’d love to read it.

    • Thanks, Sarah, no I haven’t yet, but the unanimity of these comments is giving me a warm and happy feeling that maybe I’d better continue!

  4. Obviously two such self opinionated women could never see the similarity! It is a pleasure to see Mrs Elton get a set down and I would hope that Lady C is not welcomed anywhere else especially as the reason for her journey seems to be to try and discompose Elizabeth. Thanks for this Diana, I can’t wait for the next one 😊

  5. Oh yes, let’s have another scene when Lady Catherine informs Mrs. Elton she is leaving the vicarage to recover at Hartfiled! Right now she is rather immune to Lady Catherine but sparks should fly indeed then! Now Lady Catherine wants to spring a surprise on the Darcy’s?! Maybe they could be informed and join the party in Highbury!

    • Oh, wonderful idea, Carole, thanks! When they hear their aunt is injured, they could rush to her side! Yep, itching to write that!

  6. You got to love Lady Catherine for nothing else that all her assumptions about her being welcomed are wrong! She has such a lovely personality that few enjoy. Crazy woman!

  7. Mrs Elton at worst and at her most vulnerable!!! Give Emma two days and she will throw Lady Catherine out if Hartfield, she and Mr Knightly together. Let 48 hours pass and the Woodhouses, Knightlys and Eltons will be shoulder to shoulder, united in the common goal of getting the de Bourgh’s OUT of Highbury. I cannot imagine what Lady Catherine would say to Miss Bates but I doubt that it would be nice. Highbury has a certain degree of independence and self pride and it would not take Lady Catherine long to unite that whole community against her.

  8. I feel dreadfully sorry that Anne De Bourgh has such a dreadful mother! I like it when Anne gets things her own way. I detest Mrs. Elton, and I wonder what she and Caroline Bingley would think of each other.

    • Anne de Bough is pitiful. I imagine that Mrs. Elton and Miss Bingley would feel equally snobbish about each other!

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