March Madness–Part 2: The Men’s Tale — 34 Comments

    • They did run. They knew their significant others wouldn’t be happy with her attentions, I’m sure. 🙂 Thanks, Carol!

  1. Willoughby. Yep. After giving it considerable thought, Mary and Willoughby — a match made in Austen heaven. Thanks for this entertaining tale!

    • I will as the themes come up and I can. I’m so close to the end of what I’m writing at the moment so I can’t dedicate all my time to it right now. Thanks, Angela!

  2. This was so funny. Loved it! Rotten guys to leave William alone. I think either Wickham or Willoughby would be a good match. Thanks for another smiling start to my morning.

    • They did take advantage of poor William, didn’t they? I suppose they figured he could handle himself. I’m glad it gave you a smile. Thanks, Deborah!

  3. My suggestion for a good match: Mr. Elliot, Heir to the Baronage, after Mrs. Clay left him when she could see clearly again 🙂
    Thanks for this great piece of a great story!

  4. Loved this. Thanks Leslie. Hmmm is Elizabeth pregnant? I love a romantic Darcy. As for Mary she deserves Wickham or Elliot – what a b****! Really can’t wait for the next instalment😊

    • I don’t know if Elizabeth is pregnant. It’s a mystery to me at this point. I’m just taking each installment as it comes and letting them spill out onto the page. Who knows what we’ll get! Thanks, Glynis!

  5. I’m debating between Wickham and Willoughby for Mary. Or perhaps Robert Ferrars. Yeah, any of those three would do well.

    Love the “Typhoid Mary” comment above–classic!! 😀

    Thanks for a wonderful vignette!! I just wish it were longer. 😉 Darcy leaving when he heard that Elizabeth was ill was so adorable.

    Thank you for writing for us!! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  6. That was ‘perfect’! My husband would be having the same reaction as Darcy! He is such a hermit too. Some great ‘awww’ moments in this…Darcy rushing off to make sure Elizabeth was ok and Emma grabbing her purse to save George! Now who to hook up Mary with? So many possibilities…Wickham, Willoughby, Captain Tilney, John Thorpe, the heir to Sir Elliott, wee Willie Collins? Can’t wait to see who you decide and how it plays out! Thank you for the fun!

    • LOL! I have about as much of an idea as you do at the moment to be honest. I guess we’ll see how things play out. Thanks, Carole!

  7. Loving this storyline. I am looking forward to the continuation. I think Mary Crawford deserves John Thorpe (I’ve always thought he is such a creep).

    • I’m considering it. We’ll see what I have by the end of the year. It’s been a lot of fun to tie it all together though. I know the friend who lives in the gaolhouse never expected all of this to come from dinner one night. LOL! Thanks, Patty!

  8. “He took her hand between his thumb and index finger (Who knows what she’d touched with those!) ” – I can just picture that, and dropping her hand at arms’s length as well, most likely. They should have all gone to his place, ladies as well, but where would be the fun in that for us?

    Having recently re-read Northanger Abbey for the first time in some years, I’m voting to match Mary up with John Thorpe. He was just so insufferable that I think they’d be very well matched.

    I’m also voting for more please, Leslie!

    • Well, I love a bit of an OCD Darcy in moderns when it comes to loose women. I’ll get around to more when I can fit it in the theme. Until I finish what I’m working on at the moment, I don’t know that I’ll get around to a complete write up of it. 🙂 Thanks, Anji!

  9. I really liked this short and humorous story.I think Wickham would be just the man for her. Please expand this story line.

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