March Madness: Mrs. Bennet meets Mr. Woodhouse — 16 Comments

  1. Oh what a shame Mrs Bennet didn’t get the gruel and barley water she deserved! And I half wish she had managed to get to Newcastle and found her favourite daughter either not there or at least living in poverty with her ‘charming’ husband. I hope at least that Mr Bennet punishes her when she gets back by refusing to let her use the carriage at all, saying she must walk to Netherfield if she wants to go. (obviously she is not my favourite character 😃). Thanks so much for this fun post.

  2. This was so much fun. Mrs. Bennet meeting Me. Woodhouse…and of course Mrs. Bennet would never take responsibility for her actions and would attempt to place the blame on the person who tried to prevent her from going. Thank you for this fun story.

  3. Oh this was a delightful read. I could see Mrs Bennet being trapped there for a week…what interesting things could come up during that time frame. She would be so grateful to be home when the week was up! Or perhaps she’d take a liking to coddled eggs and barley water

  4. Such a fun pairing!! At least the housekeeper knows what guests require as to victuals, rather than a steady diet of gruel!

    And Mrs. Bennet–always blaming someone else for her stupidity. So like her. At least she won’t travel to Pemberley now. 😉

    Thank you for this fun little frolic…although I doubt that either Mr. Woodhouse nor Mrs. Bennet enjoyed it nearly as much as we did, LOL! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

  5. Oh myyy! Mrs Bennet’s nerves and Mr. Woodhouse’s hypochondria – what a pairing. A match made in…….somewhere! Thanks for sharing this tale with us.

  6. Oh Mrs Bennet has exceeded herself in this fun story. Hope she gets marooned for a few more days with Mr Woodhouse. Some great dialogue on her part would be forthcoming.

  7. What a wonderful excerpt! The evil side of me wants her to stay there for a few weeks and be driven slowly crazy. I wonder if she’ll have a fit of spasms and flutterings and Mr. Woodhouse will surely think she’s dying. Would be fun to witness.

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