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  1. Oh that was delightful especially throwing in Edward. Classic. It would be nice if these men were to meet up again in 6 months to speak with one another again. That would be a completely different conversation.

  2. My two favorite Austen heros — this was an interesting and quite believable conversation. The addition of Edward Ferrars at the end was a nice touch.

    Who is the actor in the Darcy picture? He doesn’t look like Colin Firth.

    I’m looking forward to Caroline Bingley/Walter Elliot. I can just imagine Sir Walter turning up his nose at this one-generation-removed-from-trade woman who most likely is determined to ingratiate herself with him.

  3. Yes I too would like to hear their conversation after they got their hearts desire. It would be interesting to read the conversation between Elizabeth and Anne.

  4. I love it! Like Florence, my two favourite Austen heroes in conversation together. Ticks all the boxes for me. Sneaking Edward Ferrars in at the end was a master stroke.

    Kara, I love that you chose a photo of Ciaran Hinds for CFW. He’s the best in that role for me so far. Would have preferred one of Dan Stevens for Edward though.

    Florence, that IS Colin Firth as Darcy. I just think it’s taken from an unusual angle.

    Lovely tale to read over my breakfast this morning. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Anji! CH and CF were definite choices for me; I debated about HG and DS – I just needed the right picture and I found this one first. Glad you liked it.

  5. Oho! Love Edward Farrars showing up at the end! And I especially liked that Darcy might see that he’d not get Elizabeth out of his mind even in 8 years’ of trying. And Darcy can show Wentworth how awful it might have been if Anne had never returned his feelings. Now Edward can show them both how horrible it would be if they’d made the mistake of attaching themselves to someone else instead of waiting for “the one”.

  6. I absolutely loved this encounter. Two poor tortured souls, and then, as has been said, throwing in Edward to add comic relief. I would love to revisit this scene after Darcy and Wentworth have their ‘girls A wonderful syart to my morning. Thank you, Kara.

    • You’re welcome, Deborah. As soon as we knew we were doing characters from different novels, these two popped into my head. I’m so glad it got your morning off to a good start!

  7. Oh yeah, I see this conversation happening easily. LOL Poor Darcy…oh no, 8 years? I may NOT be able to get her out of my system at all? ohhh noooo….LOL Wonderfully done!

  8. Loved Edward at the end there! Currently reading a fanfic in which Edward does not get his girl because she finds him wishy-washy and untrustworthy. I am fascinated by it. 🙂 Darcy, Wentworth and Brandon are my three favorite fictitious men. Seeing two of my favorites here makes my day! Thank you!

    • Happy to oblige you, Cindy. I suppose I could have had Brandon show up instead of Ferrars, but didn’t even think of it. Ferrars seems to me to be more desperate. 🙂

  9. Ahh…misery loves company. That was so much fun and I had to smile when Edward showed up! I’d love to see them back together when each has their HEA!

  10. Hmmm… the concept, Darcy especially, but not sure Wentworth would go on to treat Anne badly after this scene.
    Enjoyed it!

    • We do know Wentworth flirted far too much with the Musgrove sisters,, and I think he did it to make Anne jealous. He didn’t treat her badly per se, but could have treated her much better. Of course if he had only confessed his love to.her, it would have made things so much easier. But then the story would have ended too soon! Glad you enjoyed it, Ruth!

  11. Thank you! Thank you, Kara Louise! I enjoyed your delightful imagining very much! And then… it got me thinking about Lizzy and Anne Elliot – perhaps introduced by Emma? Altogether fun and beautifully done! I second all of the positive responses above.

    • Thanks,, Clytie! It will be interesting to see the different characters the other authors will be pairing together this month!

  12. Now that was just perfect! I loved how you had these three men meet and commiserate over their loses. Fantastic! Jen Red

  13. As so many have said – This was perfectly charming: my favorite two Jane Austen characters and my two favorite actors who played those roles! And so laughably ironic that Edward Ferrars/Hugh Grant shows up. (I loved his version of S&S as he interacts with Margaret over the atlas.) Thank you Kara for a wonderful end of the day read after I was babysitting grandchildren in NJ all day and drove back during rush hour.

  14. This was delightful. Thanks your, Kara, for the wonderful March Madness tale of disappointment. And two of my favorite actors in your piece are definitely the cream of the crop. In my opinion, the only Darcy out there is Colin Firth.

  15. Like the others, I would deeply, deeply, deeply appreciate reading a follow-up after a few months have passed. However, what would really be a hoot would be to have the same type of meeting between Lizzy, Anne, and Elinor paralleling the gentlemen’s conversation by having a meet and greet of their own. Wouldn’t that make for a fun mash-up.

    Exquisitely done, Kara.

    • I think that Lizzy, Anne and Elinor would be a good meeting. After they had been acquainted, they could give Caroline Bingley a word or two to make her straighten up.

  16. This encounter was delicious…only because we know the happy outcomes awaiting both gentlemen…and actually, all three gentlemen. 😉

    Such amazing men…with amazing women, too. 😉

    Loved this!!

    Susanne 🙂

  17. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Susanne! Yes, it is nice knowing what we know that these gentlemen do not! 🙂

  18. I think Mr Knightley should join the three men at the table. I quite thought he would so Mr Ferrars came as a nice surprise.
    He Mr Knightley is of course sad, he is lamenting that his lady may possibly love another. Mr Knightley himself has come to London to see his brother but is daily reminded of his lost love because his sister in law Isabella was so like her sister, his love, but differed only in those striking inferiorities which brought his love to his mind in all her brilliance.
    Thank you Kara Louise for your writing – I did enjoy it

    • Thanks, Ann! If I had been more inspired, I might have included Henry Tilney as well. 🙂 It was fun to write with the 2 men (and then the third).

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