Chapter Twenty-four: Lydia’s Outcome — 20 Comments

  1. Hide the silver! That’s great. Wickham won’t be there. And I’m glad Ellie and Graham took care of him. I love that Darcy paid him for doing it! 😂

  2. Oh yes Leslie. I just loved Ellie’s reaction. And Darcy’s when his man broke Wickham’s nose 😊. And as for Lydia??? Well she is as always totally self obsessed and heedless and should be punished accordingly, let’s hope Mr Bennet stirs himself to do it.
    I love the way Darcy’s plan involves marrying Elizabeth immediately, that’s one way of getting his heart’s desire and judging from her reaction, Elizabeth’s too.
    So once that is accomplished and they quash the rumours, well hopefully Ellie will somehow return to her time and with a bit of luck, Tom will remember what happened and they will get together as well.
    The only drawback will be that we will have reached the end of the story 😞. So I suggest a few chapters of wedded bliss might prepare me for the loss of my Wednesday treat 😃.
    Thank you so much Leslie, I think this was one of my favourite chapters which is high praise indeed!

    • I couldn’t resist Darcy paying him for breaking the nose. I had Graham do it and then could just picture Darcy looking at Wickham in some sort of studying manner before paying his servant for it. Just tickled me. We’ll see about those few chapters of wedded bliss! The whole story is in Ellie’s point of view, so how much do we want Ellie to see? :-p Thanks, Glynis! High praise indeed!

  3. I feel confident that neither Lydia nor Wickham will square off with an honorable future. Some people just coast through life with no need to be held accountable. I am happy to see Ellie rising to any and all occasions. And I thank you for teaching me my new vocabulary word for the day, whinging. Who knew?

    • Whinging! I’d never heard it until I moved here and I’ve never heard anyone use whining. It’s always whinging. I can’t remember if I use toe rag in this chapter or the next, but one of my best friends here introduced me to that one. It’s all I can do to remain in my seat when she uses it. 🙂 Thanks, Katherine!

  4. Ohhhh Leslie! That kick to the nether regions was absolutely amazing!! I was laughing myself silly! And Ellie’s comment was to die for!!
    Ohhhh Elizabeth and Darcy will be married!!!! Ahhhhh!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍😍😍😍 I do wonder when Ellie will return home to Tom? And her HEA?

  5. Love the kick to the bits and pieces and the broken nose. Do hope he is put away forever. What’s the punishment for desertion? Hanging as it is in wartime. Let it be so.

    Lydia is still not really showing any signs of remorse. But hopefully George’s seed didn’t take.

    Love the moments between Darcy and Elizabeth: holding her hand in the carriage and the setting things up for their wedding. Bring it on.

    Thanks for this chapter.

    • Since the militia wasn’t sent to war and was different than regular army, the punishment could be different. I’d have to look it up. Lydia doesn’t want to admit that she’s wrong. She was having a good time and Elizabeth spoiled everything. She’s a brat. Hopefully, Mr Bennet can make some headway with her because Mrs Bennet definitely won’t be of help. Thanks, Sheila!

  6. “…and hide the silver,” indeed!

    What a chock-full chapter!! I loved it!!

    And a rushed wedding with Elizabeth and Darcy!! That works, especially for Darcy and Elizabeth, LOL!!

    Thank you for another whimsical and wonderful chapter, Leslie!! Yay!!

    Susanne 🙂

  7. I loved Darcy’s plan to save the Bennet’s reputation!!! Very convenient, lol. But seriously, I am happy ODC will be together soon. And hopefully Ellie will have no problems going back to Tom.

  8. Oh, this was a wonderful chapter. Too bad Ellie didn’t go in for a second kick to wicked Wickham’s family jewels! Too bad that appendage doesn’t have bones, she could have broken that and along with his nose broken, he’d be unable to attract any woman when and if he gets out of Debtor’s Prison. Better yet, let the military hang him for desertion in times of war. Happy days, Elizabeth and Darcy are to marry real soon. Thanks for not leaving us hanging on that note. Love this story. Cannot wait until next week.

    • LOL! It’s funny how bloodthirsty a bunch of ladies get when it comes to Wickham. I thought y’all would all be happy with the lack of a cliffie. Thanks, Carol!

  9. Go Ellie! Thank you for that part! Maybe if Ellie meets Greg back in 2017, she will feel as inclined! Well Darcy certainly doesn’t want to wait any longer than he has to! I loved this line:”Yet I have gained a treasure more precious than I could have ever imagined when I only hoped to improve your opinion of me.” So swoon worthy! As for Lydia, I just think she has the same stubborn pride as Elizabeth and can’t admit when she is wrong. She just needs to mature a bit more and have set consequences for her actions. In other words, discipline! Now there is a story in itself! Mr. Bennet redeeming Lydia and Kitty! But back to this one…all the family in London for their wedding! Please don’t make Ellie go back until after the wedding! The problem of course would be the time she arrives back…just before she met Tom or will she arrive to find Tom despondent over the fact that both are gone! Looking forward to next week!

    • I love that line too! I don’t know where those come from sometimes. For my anniversary, I made a joke on Facebook and my husband had the sappy, syrupy message. Those who know I write and have read it, thought it was hysterical. I can write them for others, but not myself 🙂 We’ll just have to wait and see for Tom! Thanks, Carole!

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