Longbourn: Dragon Entail Ch 9 — 8 Comments

  1. Hmm, at this point it would be best if Longbourn ate both Collins & Bennet–both are useless and cruel. Not calling on the Blue Order to help straighten things out seems like a mistake.

    I presume we will find out in the next chapter, what bee is in Mr B’s bonnet? Will the Gardiners be able to help Lizzy or will she have to suffer alone? Given her state of agitation & exhaustion, she may not have the power to save herself.
    (THanks for posting so regularly!)

  2. “Perhaps. do not really know. Deaf-Speakers are strongly discouraged. Centuries ago, dragon deaf heirs were often eaten and a new heir identified in order to prevent Deaf-Speakers.” Your words, my thoughts. Collins will taste just like chicken! Longbourn would enjoy the meal. The tone of Mr. Bennet’s demand that Elizabeth appear in his library, could make him a candidate for Longbourn’s second meal. Thank goodness her aunt and uncle are behind her. Collins is not a good match for a mate for Elizabeth. We know Kent has a cockatrix, perhaps not willing though especially given his Keeper. Where’s Darcy and Pemberley? They’re needed at Longbourn. Pemberley is rather untrained and would no doubt love Country Crispy Collins Chicken for a meal! Great story.

  3. It seems like things are coming to a head, at least at/with Longbourn. And I agree with a couple others above – a Longbourn meal of both Collins and Bennet would be nice.

  4. Please, please get this published. I hate reading stories in bits and pieces, but I cannot resist reading each chapter as you bring them to us. I want to read this story from beginning to end.

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